Instagram creeping vol. 2: featuring Yasutaka Nakata, Beyoncé, CL & Ariana Grande

Instagram creeping vol. 2 | Random J Pop

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As featured on Kumi Koda's Instagram account | kodakumi_official

This is a rare sighting. Kumi Koda's son. It honestly feels like last week when the announcement was made via fax (a country with 5G still be sending faxes, the actual fuck) and now her child is all grown up. I don't have much to say in regards to this except, Namie Amuro would never. The only pictures of her son that exist are paparazzi pictures and even then, that shit is blurred and has black boxes over faces, because Namie be suing anybody who takes pictures of her son. Even if Namie's son decided to put out music, a bitch would have him pull a H.E.R and have that boy stage back with the house lights down for every performance. Trust we ain't ever seeing her son's face.

As featured on Rihanna's Savage x Fenty Instagram account | savagexfenty

You've probably forgotten that Rihanna started out in music, because she's been doing everything but as of late. Fenty beauty is not the only product line form Rihanna that's poppin' off. Her lingerie line is too. I'm hella surprised that Rihanna put out a lingerie line, because this woman does not do bras. Her titties be going unsupported and living their best lives.

Not one to shy away from showing her body, Rihanna posted this snap of herself looking bridal, in thiccness and in health. She should call her next album Full course, because she's beyond a snack.

If Rihanna was never to put out music again, I honestly wouldn't be fussed. I like her music, but have never been crazy over it. I've found myself growing to like and even admire Rihanna far more with her doing her thing outside of music than I ever did when she was in it. As a pop star I always feel that there's something missing with her. Her stage performances are never that great. She adopts a new persona every album. There's not a great deal of consistency with her sound. Anti felt truer to her character, but that album was a bit of a mess and sounded like a collection of unfinished songs and demos. And it was only when I heard one of her Loud songs on the radio the other day that I realised it's been a minute since I've heard Rihanna actually just sing.

As featured on Yasutka Nakata's Instagram account | yasutaka_nakata
As featured on Yasutaka Nakata's Instagram account | yasutaka_nakata

Yasutaka Nataka dressed as a chef. Serving us garbage. Future pop. In stores now.
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As featured on Ariana's Instagram account | arianagrande
As featured on Ariana's Instagram account | arianagrande

Ariana should name her next album A life of unfortunate events. What is even a break? Because a girl can't seem to catch one. A terrorist attack at a concert. A break-up from her boyfriend. Being held inappropriately on live TV at a funeral. Her ex dying. Then her new relationship falling to pieces. Gurl. So it's nice to see her smiling in this candid snap, which oddly has since been deleted. With the way 2018 has been for her so far, I bet she really does have no tears left to cry. But she definitely has some reasons left to smile.

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As featured on CL's Instagram account | chaelincl
As featured on CL's Instagram account | chaelincl

YG have gotten BLACKPINK signed to Universal for a US release. They also have a collabo with Dua Lipa set to drop, which will probably feature on the 11th re-release of Dua's debut album, because this bitch keeps releasing new collabos. Meanwhile CL stays sleeping on an air mattress in Jeremy Scott's apartment and her solo album stays shelved. It's never dropping. Scooter Braun is too busy trying to clean up Ariana and Justin Bieber's shit to be giving CL any damn attention and YG are done with a bitch. But at the very least she's managed to get some exposure via a guest feature on the Black eyed peas latest single "Dopeness".

The Black eyed peas have been dead to me since they released that heinous noise with the Dirty dancing song. I wouldn't call "Dopeness" a return to form by any means, but at least it's a step back to the older Black eyed peas style. Most of the YouTube views for the "Dopeness" video are probably Blackjacks and GZB's. Can't say I'm a fan of the song or even CL's rap, but she looks good in the video.

Cl's solo shit ain't ever happening. A shame. Because I'd take her over Nicki Minaj or Cardi B any day of the week.

As featured on Kylie's Instagram account | kylieminogue
As featured on Kylie's Instagram account | kylieminogue

So, Kylie Minogue has a new man in her life. But by the time Kylie releases her next album, he probably won't be in it; because Kylie cannot keep these men in her life. She wishes she could be so lucky in love.

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As featured on Beni's Instagram account | beniboooo
As featured on Beni's Instagram account | beniboooo

Universal music Japan have no budgets to give its artists for music videos or advances to work with US producers, but they got yen to move a whole ass office.

Beni snapped this pic of her and Ai checking out the new building. I imagine they were both told the news that they'd need to step their flop pussies up and put out some shit that sells enough units to cover the overheads. Because lo and behold, not long after Beni posted this, she dropped a teaser for a new song. It's garbage. Because all Beni's music is garbage now.

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As featured on Beyoncé's Instagram account | beyonce
As featured on Beyoncé's Instagram account | beyonce

Beyoncé's Halloween looks have become an event. Well, if truth be told team black people have been REALLY coming through this Halloween. Period. But Beyoncé don't be doing a whole lot of promo theme days. Her Insta is basically the promo. And God bless her for keeping the posts consistent and continually showing that she still a bad bitch with a sense of humour who also stans.

Last year Beyoncé did the most by faithfully recreating a bunch of Lil' Kim's most iconic looks. This time around, Beyoncé dressed up as Toni Braxton during her debut days and had her team recreate the font for her album cover and EVERY FUCKING THING. Beyoncé also graced this Instagram post with a caption (something she rarely does).

Sending love and adoration to one of our talented legends. Thank you for the countless bops. Your tone, your beauty, your range, and your God-given talent is treasured. Loving you always. Have a Happy Halloween my Kings and Queens.

The Instagram posts of Beyoncé dressed as Toni Braxton have more likes than Toni has dollars in her bank account. Streaming for Toni's debut album probably shot up by about 500% because of Beyoncé.

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As featured on Perfume's Instagram account | prfm_official
As featured on Perfume's Instagram account | prfm_official

So Perfume are back with another 'World tour'. Except there are no UK or European dates. I said all I had to say about this in a post last week. But with this now officially being titled World tour 4th, it feels like another kick in the teeth to UK and European Perfume fans. Especially when World tour 2nd and 3rd both made stops in the UK. Babymetal and Kyary both did London gigs this year, so these bitches have no excuse. Yes, I'm steam pressed and salty, because World tour 2nd and 3rd were amazing. And as much as I'm not here for Perfume's Future flop album, I still stan for their live stage game.

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