Random J Pop playlist: Hikaru Utada Bops

Random J Pop playlist: Hikaru Utada Bops | Random J Pop


I'm mad at Hikaru Utada for not dropping her albums on streaming when they're first released. But I'm also not mad at her capitalising on timing to give the release a bit more impact. Putting Hatsukoi up on streaming platform the same day as the release of "Face my fears" was a good look. If Hikaru Utada really wanted to secure my wig, she would have given us a music video for "Face my fears" too. But I wouldn't put it past a bitch to drop a music video on the day Kingdom Hearts III is released. Could you imagine if she released a video and it was directed by her first husband and gave us "Passion" type teas? Francesco would be shook and her son would be like...

Hikaru Utada's child be like... | Random J Pop

Is Hikaru's son even real? Ain't nobody seen that baby. I thought Namie Amuro was the master child keeper, but BITCH. Hikaru has that shit on lock. Folk wanna talk about Beyoncé and Jay-Z doing the most to keep their twins out of the public eye. But Hikaru has them beat. She has a whole underground transport network for that child.

To commemorate the release of "Face my fears" and the appearance of Hatsukoi on streaming platforms, I have created a playlist of Hikaru Utada's bops. Imaginatively titled Hikaru Utada bops. Songs to pop your pussy to, whine your waist to and Pretty Ricky floor hump to.

🎧 Listen on Spotify: Hikaru Utada: Bops