Music video: Hikaru Utada & Skrillex drop a music video for "Face my fears" and the laziness has fully jumped out

Kingdom Hearts III x Hikaru Utada & Skrillex - Face my fears (Music video) | Random J Pop

Given that Hikaru Utada shot music videos for her "Hikari" and "Passion", I was expecting for there to be one shot for "Face my fears". I GUESS NOT. Because the official music video has surfaced and ya'll...

I cannot.

This level of laziness is far too much. There is a whole ass cinematic which exists to the full song IN the actual game as its intro, and yet we get edited gameplay clips from E3 trailers, which aren't even in full HD, with full ass command menus and health gauges in the corners and shit. Hikaru's team dead ass took a video from IGN and called it the official music video.

I'mma need Teruzane to take to Twitter and let the Hikki fanbase know why. The fact that Hikaru couldn't even be bothered to wash some dishes?!

I'm astounded.

I was really here expecting to see Hikaru walking around the Bonneville salt flats in some nice dress serving me emotion and VISUALS.

Not only is this 'music video' just shit generally, but it's a massively missed opportunity. Kingdom Hearts III has huge exposure right now, with the game finally being out. It's killing it in sales in Japan. Hikaru Utada's discography is available on streaming, FINALLY. "Face my fears" marks Hiakru Utada's first appearance on the Billboard top 100 chart. She's cut a song with Skrillex, who everybody in the West knows of (regardless of whether they like his shit or not) and has gained an extended following as a result of his work with Mariah Carey in 2018. There's never been a better time for Hiakru to re-introduce herself to the Western market and capitalise on the exposure her song has. So to not shoot a music video is a whole mess. And to make matters worse, lots of websites and news outlets are picking up this music video release, making it even more of a missed opportunity that she didn't shoot a music video to really show that she's THAT bitch and give the song a face other than Sora. Because we know Hikaru comes through with the visuals when she actually bothers.

I'm really hoping that she punks us and delivers a music video out of the blue for this. She's missed her boat, but still. It'd be great for "Chikai" / "Don't think twice" to get a video too.

I started playing Kingdom Hearts on Thursday, and it's wild to be playing it after so many years of wondering when the game would see the light of day. It's almost as though 14 years haven't passed at all. Everything about it feels familiar. The characters, the combat, a Hikaru Utada theme song. It high key feels like a PS2 game in HD. But I'm not gonna go off and drag the game here. I'm enjoying it.

Kingdom Hearts III opens with a retrospective montage of the series, which is set to an orchestrated version of "Chikai" / "Don't think twice" which sounds amazing. And the full intro to the game features "Face my fears" and works much better than I initially felt it did. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing if there are any other arrangements of Hikaru's theme songs and how they work them into scenes.