Business woman Blue Ivy negotiates a deal and has her mother sign a deal with Adidas

Business woman Blue Ivy negotiates a deal and has Beyoncé sign a deal with Adidas | Random J Pop

In a move that's surprising...kinda, but also, not really; Beyoncé has signed a deal with Adidas. Beyoncé will be a creative partner, developing kicks and apparel with the iconic brand with the 3 stripes. She will also re-launch her Athleisure line Ivy Park through Adidas.

Beyoncé had per people write this little PR piece.
"This is the partnership of a lifetime for me. Adidas has had tremendous success in pushing creative boundaries. We share a philosophy that puts creativity, growth and social responsibility at the forefront of business. I look forward to re-launching and expanding Ivy Park on a truly global scale with a proven, dynamic leader,"
Adidas is no stranger to partnerships with black folk in music, having partnered with Coonye West, Aubrey, Pharrell 'Benjamin Button' Williams and Missy 'Ya'll ain't gettin' no new album from me' Elliott. Adidas has always been intrinsically linked to Hip-Hop before brands actively affiliated themselves with it. So it's great to still see that Adidas see's the value in such partnerships. I mean...every sports brand should. Black people be doing the most for them, whether they like it or not.

I find most of Adidas' sneakers ugly as fuck. The only Adidas kicks I fuck with are Stan Smiths in all black with a white sole. I loved me an Adidas Decade back in the day, but I ain't seen a pair in a damn decade. But anyway. I'm going off topic.

Beyoncé and Adidas is an interesting partnership. If Beyoncé were to partner with a sports brand, I would have seen her going the Nike route, as their athleisure line not only looks far better than what Adidas offers, but style wise is what Ivy Park is closest to. But maybe that's the reason why Beyoncé didn't go with Nike. Or perhaps Nike just was never an option.

Beyoncé' did have conversations with Under armour and the Jordan brand. She also reportedly had a meeting with Reebok and pretty much ended the meeting after seeing that the team who would be working on her project wasn't reflective of her or her background. Reebok dead ass brought team RGB (255,255,255) to try and woo Beyoncé. Not a single piece homework was done.

The one thing I have always admired about Beyoncé's collabos and ventures is that they have always been accessible. Whilst a seasonal collection with Balmain may make more sense to some as it's more glamorous and in line with how we see 'Beyoncé' the stage persona; it would be out of reach to many of her fans. Not every member of the Beyhive can afford a piece of Balmain, even though they'd all miss a car payment, take out a second mortgage, open a credit card and run their accounts like Toni Braxton try'na get that shit anyway. From H&M, to Topshop to Adidas; Beyoncé gets the importance of ensuring that her collaborations remain mass market to every single one of her fans and I admire her for that.

It's great to see a black woman who already has hella money get more money. Beyoncé has championed inclusiveness since the beginning of her solo career, casting girls of all shapes, colours and sizes for her tours and her Ivy Park campaigns. So it's gonna be great to see her do the same with a brand like Adidas. They've always championed 'diversity' when it comes to men, but I don't feel they've ever really done the same for women.

I really hope Beyoncé does an Adidas kids range and puts Blue Ivy in a campaign. Blue Ivy is probably who negotiated the Adidas deal. We know she be running that Knowles-Carter household.

Beyoncé gon' have Nala turn up in The Lion King wearing an Adidas tracksuit and ain't a damn thing Disney gon' be able to do about it.