Remix: Girls' generation - Genie (T.O.M remix)

Remix: Girls' generation - Genie (T.O.M remix) | Random J Pop

A couple of weeks ago I talked up Girls' generation's "Gee" and the impact it had on the Hallyu wave which is now sweeping the US and that it was just flat out a great Pop song. But if I had to name my all time favourite Girls' generation song, it would definitely be "Tell me your wish (Genie)".

"Gee" was a massive success unlike anything Girls' generation had experienced before and many wondered how the girls would top it. But "Gee" being a bonafide smash, put Girls' generation in the firing line of sceptics as to whether they would be able to deliver another song to match it, and SM entertainment did...THAT.

SM entertainment didn't just give Girls' generation a good follow-up song, they gave the girls a fucking classic.

Classics should seldom be messed with, but T.O.M (real name, Tomokazu Matsuzawa) decided to try his hand at a remix. And d'you know what? He did a good ass job. A job so good that it's a shame his handiwork wasn't commissioned as official.

T.O.M remixed the Japanese version of "Tell me your wish (Genie)", which is nowhere near as good as the original Korean version anyway, so there's less pressure and less acknowledgement there by default. But I admire producers who take on remixes of songs that are already held in high regard and wedged into people's consciousness. It shows that they don't give a fuck what people think and that they believe in their ability to turn something out. And as far as I'm concerned, T.O.M did. It's vibe is different enough to the original for me to appreciate it as its own thing, but still retains the energy (and some of the music) of the original. I mean, it's pretty hard to fuck with that chorus.

Plus, this remix absolutely stinks of MiChi's old pop style, which T.O.M was responsible for. So there's that too. Because I love me some classic throwback MiChi.