Random J Pop playlist: This is Miss Jackson ('cos I'm hella nasty)

Random J Pop playlist: This is Miss Jackson ('cos I'm hella nasty) | Random J Pop

Today is Janet Damita Jo Jackson's birthday, so I did something that is LONG overdue and I shoulda done did before, and made her a Spotify playlist.

Spotify already has one of their official This is Janet Jackson playlists, but it's absolute garbage. It misses out a bunch of songs, whole albums and isn't reflective of the boppery, the ho'ery, the slowery or the dancery that Miss Jackson has given us for 30 years. So of course, I had to correct it.

I'm sure fans are gonna see this playlist and cuss me out and tell me 'I think you missed-', but this is still better than what Spotify gave y'all.

You're welcome.

News is pretty much non-existent on whether Janet is working on a new album. At one point it seemed that she was and she let us know it. There was rumours of an EP and her doing something a little different from just dropping a standard full length. But now a bitch is doing her Las Vegas residency, enjoying her life, looking bomb whilst doing it and giving us no hint nor tease of new music. I'm honestly at a point where I'd be fine if Janet never released another album again. She's given us enough. More than we deserve in fact, after the way the game cast her aside after that titty came out at the Superbowl.

If Janet gives us a new music at some point, great. If not, then she's left behind a legacy of great music that I'll stay playing until the end of days.

🎧 Listen to it (if you nasty): This is Miss Jackson