Random J Pop special edition: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Super Pamicom

Random J Pop special edition: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Super Pamicom | Random J Pop

Kyary's Japamyu album suffers the way that many Nakata produced albums do, in that the album name attempts to package the album under a theme which isn't reflected in all of the music on the damn thing. Japamyu had a couple of songs with Japanesey style instrumentation, but not enough to warrant such a title.

So, I did what nobody asked for and created Japamyu Pamyu. A 13 track album comprised of Pamyu Pamyu cuts which are on theme. But then as I listened to it, I realised that the thread running through the songs wasn't just the songs sounded 'Japanesey'. It was also that the songs sounded like music from video games, and this stuck out to me more.

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  1. Virtual Pamyu Pamyu
  2. Kimi ga ii ne Kuretara
  3. Otono Kuni
  4. Ninja re Bang Bang
  5. Mi
  6. Enka Natrium
  7. Mondai Girl
  8. Kizunai
  9. Kanzen Ketai
  10. Harajuku Iyahoi
  11. Koi no Hana
  12. Charmi Charmi Charming
  13. Girigiri Safe

"Virtual Pamyu Pamyu" sounding like a character select theme from a video game. "Mondai girl" having an intro which sounds like an old Final Fantasy battle theme. "Kanzen ketai" sounding like the theme of a kingdom from an RPG. And seeing as Pamyu's albums always have plays on themes and puns, I figured I'd call this Super Pamicom.

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