Teruzane does the Lord's work, as Hikaru Utada's Laughter in the dark is made available on Netflix

Teruzane does the Lord's work, as Hikaru Utada's Laughter in the dark is made available on Netflix | Random J Pop

The title of this post tells you all that you need to know. Hikaru Utada's Laughter in the dark tour is available globally on Netflix.

Yes bitch. AROUND. THE. WORLD.

Fans probably pulled all kinds of foolishness to watch this tour when it aired in Japan back in January. But even so, it's great to have it on Netflix. Especially as the entire thing features subtitles which were handled by Hikaru Utada herself, which gives the concert a whole new layer; allowing fans to experience the songs in a way they perhaps haven't before.

Hikaru Utada's tour being made available on a global streaming service is HUGE. Especially considering that her official YouTube channel doesn't even have all of the full versions of her music videos and that the Japanese music industry makes a lot of its money through physical sales of tour DVDs and Blu-rays in addition to CDs. Laughter in the dark is also available physically, the sales of which will undoubtedly be cannibalised by it being available on one of the world's most popular streaming services. But the payoff is the exposure and the reach. I'm all the way here for Hikaru Utada, but I'm not paying stupid prices for Laughter in the dark from CD Japan or Yes Asia. Not a fucking chance. So it being available on Netflix is a God send.

["Anata" starts playing]

Hikaru's father, Teruzane, really be out here handling Hikaru's business. And I know Hikaru's mother, the late Keiko Fuji, is looking down in her silk kimono with her Chanel shades on, like 'Yes muh girl. Snatch those international wigs sweetie'.

Netflix has been quietly amassing itself a nice library of Japanese content over the past few years, with J-films, Netflix original J-drama's, anime releases and now a national tour from one of Japan's best selling artists. Netflix doesn't release streaming / viewership figures for anything. But hopefully just the fact that Hikaru Utada has a tour on Netflix will pique the interest of other artists to follow suit. Perfume should definitely consider releasing their next tour to Netflix. North American fans have been enamoured with their performances and think that shit is the best shit ever, despite not having seen what they pull of for their Japanese tours. And with interest piqued in what Perfume can offer as a result of Coachella; really showing what they can do on their home turf would be a great look. But we know how Perfume's team be making bad and questionable decisions, so it probably won't happen. Even though it makes sense given that their music is available on every streaming platform, releases on streaming on the same day their physical shit drops and that their YouTube channel actually has all of their full videos.

Anyway. Back to the woman of the moment.

Hikaru Utada's Laughter in the dark is now available on Netflix. It feels wild for me to even be able to say that.

I wrote a review of this tour back in May, so be sure to check it out and let me know your thoughts on the gig.

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