Namie Amuro's music is now available on Apple music (Spotify WHO?! Google WHAT!?)

Namie Amuro's music is now available on Apple music (Spotify WHO?! Google WHAT!?) | Random J Pop

The question of whether Namie Amuro's music will be available on streaming has been answered. It is. A little bit. It's Japan. And it's Namie. So of course this shit comes with caveats.

Namie Amuro's discography has been released on Apple music. Not just the albums y'all. Even the singles with their B-sides. Unfortunately, Checkmate! is only partially available (I imagine due to licensing issues with the artists featured on the omitted songs) and none of Namie's Toshiba-EMI releases are available, so that's the Dance tracks vol. 1 with the 1995 recordings of "Try me ~Watashi wo shinjite~" and "Taiyou no season" out of the window. But it's better than nothing. And it's about fucking time!

But here's the caveat. Namie Amuro's discography is currently exclusive to Apple music globally. So if Spotify and Google Play music are your music streaming services of choice, bitch, no. To not make Namie's whole discography available across all music streaming services around the world for Pride month is homophobic. I had the Namigay Amuho tracklist ready to playlist and everything.

The Apple music exclusivity is probably only temporary. Although I do wonder about that. Interestingly, Namie's discography isn't even available on Spotify in Japan, despite it being available on many other music streaming services such as Line music, Amazon music and Google Play music. I hope this doesn't mean Namie's music will never be available on Spotify, but I'm pessimistic as fuck, so take a wild guess what I think. I'm not trying to keep my hopes up.

To those of you with Apple music accounts, congratulations...I guess.

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