Namie Amuro is now on Spotify

Namie Amuro is now on Spotify | Random J Pop

It's happened y'all. Just like we all knew it would once she hit Apple music. Namie Amuro's entire discography is now available on Spotify worldwide.

I'd like us all to bow our heads and have a moment's silence for Kumi Koda and Ayumi Hamasaki's streaming figures.

Namie Amuro is now on Spotify. R.I.P to Ayu and Kumi's streaming figures. | Random J Pop

As was the case with Namie's Apple music drop, there is no sign of Namie's Super monkey's releases. So we should be grateful a bitch bothered to re-record the likes of "Try me ~Watashi wo shinjite~" and "Taiyou no season" for Finally. All of her singles are available too, so you can stream the instrumentals and the B-sides that shoulda been A-sides. Yes "Higher". I'm looking at you.

And just to sweeten the deal for Apple music users, her entire videography is now available to watch. So there is zero chance of her full music videos going up on YouTube channel now. I'm not even gonna-. It's ridiculous.

But the major victory for fans is most definitely the fact that Namie's music is now available across all streaming platforms globally. I wasn't expecting a global Spotify release until Christmas. But a release on the Queen's birthday makes far more sense.

*Plays "White light" and duck walks in front of the oven*

No sign of Namie on Google Play Music as of yet though. Unsurprising, because Avex do not care about Google Play Music. Although it is odd given that even Japan got her shit on Google Play Music at the same time Apple music did, even when Spotify got diddly-squat.

Oh well.

🔊 Stream Queen Namiserable: Apple Music | Spotify