Random Ass Post Vol. 3: Brought to you by Coronavirus

Open post vol. 3 Featuring Coronavirus | Random J Pop

Miss Corona is on her Contamination world tour and the whole world 'bout to turn into Battle Royale over some fucking toilet paper.

How did we get here?

Miss Corona has been giving us more reveals than a Drag Race lip sync finale. With authorities showing exactly what they're able to do, but choose not to, because money. And governments suddenly coughing up (put not intended) money for healthcare that they said they didn't have. But the real gag has been the exposure of people's hygiene. First y'all ain't washing legs, now suddenly y'all are buying out hand soap, hand sanitiser and toilet paper. So, was nobody wiping their ass and washing their hands before!?


Here in the UK the government are doing nothing about this pandemic. Not that I expected them to after the dire way in which they didn't handle the Grenfell fire. Prick Minister Boris is talking about Herd immunity, but I don't think anybody explained to him what it actually is and how it works. So he's basically just letting people fall ill and letting people die, which is wonderful.

Wash your hands y'all. Disinfect everything. Stay home if you can. Cancel the dick appointments unless it's with somebody in the roster that you trust. Go on a pussy fast. Look out for you and others.

Despite being told to go into isolation, the only way we gon' get through this shit is together.

Thank fuck there's good music and videogames releasing over the next couple of weeks to occupy the downtime.

⚠️ This post is not sponsored by Resident Evil 3, but it should be. A videogame releasing in a few weeks about a viral outbreak. Chile.