Music Video: Red Velvet's Irene and Seulgi drop the "Monster" music video and the concept is 'lesbians'

Music Video: Red Velvet's Irene and Seulgi drop the "Monster" music video and the concept is 'lesbians' | Random J Pop

SM entertainment love them a sub unit with their biggest acts, so it should come as no surprise that they would do it for Red Velvet. We have Irene and Seulgi who have released their first EP Monster, which oddly released before the music video. I'm almost certain that it's not what SM entertainment had planned. Maybe they exported the video from the same crusty PC they used to export Girls' Generation's "Mr. Mr.".

SM entertainment said 'THE CONCEPT IS LESBIANS'. We saw it from the EP album cover and they ran with it in the music video.

The song sounds like music for a smartphone commercial. That's not a compliment nor a diss.

The video looks good, Irene & Seulgi look great. But this was never going to be bad. If there's one thing to be said for Red Velvet is that their shit is consistent and of good quality.

"Monster" is basically a Red Velvet song with less members, which I know is the whole point. Although I do wish that SM took some risks with their sub units when it comes to their sound and their visuals. Super M's look and sound was basically the same as Super Junior's. TaeTiSeo's look and sound was no different from Girls' Generation. Although TaeTiSeo does make me chuckle, because SM really just said 'Let's just take the only 3 girls in the group who can sing'. I get why SM do this, as sub units help provide stop gaps until the main group is ready to drop something. But it would be cool for SM to try something different with sub units and utilise sounds and concepts that maybe they want to try, but feel are too risky to give to the main group; just to see how it lands. And for those who are broken off from the main group, it gives them something new too.


"Monster" is a cute song. But as has become a nice trend in K-Pop over the past few years, it's not the best song on the EP, and it's unfortunate that it's not common for K-Pop to give you music videos for album cuts and that they'll move onto a Repackage instead. But I'll be reviewing Irene & Seulgi's EP at some point, so I'll go into the other songs then.