Random J Playlist: Namie Amuro - The Ballads & Slow Jams

Random J Playlist: Namie Amuro - The Ballads & Slow Jams | Random J Pop

With Namie Amuro fully giving us nothing but the long overdue discography on streaming since retiring 2 years ago, I figured I'd make a lil' Namie related sumthin'. You'd already gotten Namie Amuro: The Buss Down. Now comes Namie Amuro: The Ballads & Slow Jams.

Not everyone is into Namie for her ballads. They're certainly not the types of songs she was known for from 2000 onward, when she near enough ditched them completely. Risky given that ballads are the bread and butter of J-Pop. Then again, Namie's career was full of risks and chased chances. But once Namie had done what she needed to do with her Pop / R&B venture, she tossed us "The Meaning of Us" and then made sure to make up the lost ballad coin with Ballada in 2014.

This playlist is pretty much Ballada, but with the additional material which came after its release, and some of the slow jams too. Something to relax and chill to as we watch the world burn.

🎧 Listen on Spotify: Namie Amuro: The Ballads & Slow Jams

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