Jessie Ware teases a Deluxe Edition of What's Your Pleasure?

Jessie Ware teases a Deluxe Edition of What's Your Pleasure? | Random J Pop

A few weeks ago (or back in 2020) Jessie Ware posted an Instagram story with the message shown in the image above.
Thinking about doing a What's Your Pleasure? Deluxe Album...I don't feel ready to say goodbye to it just yet...What do you think?
This came days after I commented on one of her photos.

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A coincidence? Or my impact?

Irregardless. I am very much in support of a Deluxe edition of What's Your Pleasure?. Lucky for Jessica, I already have a list ready of things that it should include.
  • A 7 minute extended version of "Spotlight". I loved that we got an album version which was longer than the single edit. But I want more. Make that outro instrumental 2 minutes longer so we can all vogue and catwalk the house down.
  • Revised versions of "Adore You" and "Mirage (Don't Stop)". These are 2 songs which felt a little out of place on the album. I would say be ruthless and leave them off, but I know that'd piss fans off. What would be more interesting would be hearing What's Your Pleasure? producer James Ford rework both songs into versions which fit closer in line with the other songs on the album. "Adore You" and "Mirage (Don't Stop)" sound like they were recorded before Jessie had the full picture of the album in mind, so it'd be cool to hear them reworked to fit it a little better.
  • Give us a new version of "Overtime". I completely understand why post Glasshouse single "Overtime" got left off of the albm. But it's a great song that I still bump and live my Fila tracksuit fantasy to in my mind. As with "Adore You" and "Mirage (Don't Stop)", it'd be great to hear a version of this song which is more in line with the sound of the album as a whole. Just to throw another banger into the mix.
  • Redo a song or two from a past album. What's Your Pleasure? has undoubtedly introduced Jessie Ware to a whole new audience. So covering her own songs and reimagining them would be a cool nod to make folk jump back into her earlier albums and realise what they were missing. Could you imagine "Imagine It Was Us" with live strings? Bitch. I would collapse. It would also give Jessie a chance to give fans a taste of how she'd rework the older songs for her tour, because it's not looking like that's gonna happen any time soon between the UK government's ineptitude at handling this pandemic and how COVID has mutated itself like the final boss of a Resident Evil game.
  • An additional non-stop version of the album with transitions. We got a nice lil' transition from "What's Your Pleasure?" into "Ooh La La" on the original release of the album, so how about we get a non-stop mix version of the whole damn thing exclusively for streaming services?! This could be separate to the standard Deluxe edition, because I'm greedy. Yes bitch. Give us a regular deluxe and a non-stop deluxe edition.
  • No guest features. I know there are people out there who love a collab. And when Jessie announced that Kylie Minogue was a guest on Table Manners and had a disco album on the way, fans were immediately wanting the two of them to do something. I personally feel that What's Your Pleasure? should just be about Jessie. One thing I adored about the album was how much it felt like Jessie was reclaiming herself and really stepping out as the pop star that she always wanted to be, but felt she couldn't be. I want to retain that. Don't go doing what Dua Lipa did with Future Nostalgia - just straight-up ruining songs with collabs and releasing whatever the fuck to a point where you forget the album she was plugging in the first place. 
  • No remixes. No disrespect to those who have done remixes of songs from the album. But for things to stay cohesive and flow nicely, we can't have them on deluxe edition. And we don't want them just thrown at the end of it. If Jessie is still having separation anxiety with What's Your Pleasure? following a deluxe edition release, then I say put out a remix version of the album at a later date, which I would genuinely be here for. It'd be great to hear her old collab buddy Julio Bashmore remix her new shit.

If an artist wants to extend and album and they have the means and content to do it, then I feel they should. What's Your Pleasure? deserves a second wind after COVID knocked the wind out its sails the first time around. I say give it another push in 2021. COVID won't be gone by then, but the entertainment industry has adjusted to this new normal. And with Jessie having had to navigate promo, performances and shoots, all whilst it was being figured out, and also seeing how other artists have finessed it, she'll be in a much better position to be far more slick with how she rolls the deluxe edition.

Jessica. If you're reading this, do it bitch. Do it Jessica. I've even got the cover sorted.

Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? Deluxe Edition cover by ?J | Random J Pop

But, for now, the standard edition of What's Your Pleasure? is available on all streaming platforms.

I doubt I'll do a best list for 2020, but I will say this. What's Your Pleasure? was most definitely one of my favourite releases of the year. "Spotlight" and "What's Your Pleasure?" have been in regular rotation.

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