Jessie Ware urges people to "Remember Where You Are", where your wigs be, and that we need #JusticeForWhatsYourPleasure

Jessie Ware urges people to "Remember Where You Are", where your wigs be, and that we need #JusticeForWhatsYourPleasure | Random J Pop

Jessie Ware is out here giving us all the surprises. First a live televised performance of What's Your Pleasure?'s closing song "Remember Where You Are", along with news that it's going to be a single, and that she's also pregnant with her third child.


Pregnant? During a pandemic!? One one hand I'm thinking how much of a fucking struggle that could be. But I guess for a working mother who's usually always on the go and travelling for work, maybe the pandemic is the best time to be pregnant, knowing that you can take it easy in a way you probably wouldn't be able to otherwise.


"Remember Where You Are" is one of many great songs on Jessica's amazing album Where's Your Pleasure? and one which feels very relevant for what's happening in the world right now, so I'm glad she's releasing it as a single. Something which was spurred on by it featuring in Barack Obama's shortlist of his favourite songs of 2020.

Jessie's performance went down so well that it sent the album back into the charts. As was the case with "Spotlight", "Save a Kiss" and "What's Your Pleasure?", there is a single edit of "Remember Where You Are?" available on streaming services. Although I don't know why you'd even bother listening to a single edit over the glorious full album version.

Jessie has also said that there will be a short film for "Remember Where You Are?". No date on when it'll drop or what it'll feature, but keep your eyes peeled. I have a feeling it be very Britain-centric, and be dedicated to the hearts of the country. The nurses, the doctors, the medics, the taxi drivers, the teacher, the protestors, the delivery drivers, the bus drivers, the convenience store owners, the supermarket workers, those who work in hospitality, the sanitary workers - and with each of these, faces of every colour. It's what I envision between the lyrics of the song and the type of person Jessie appears to be. 

Jessie was due to tour this year, and she still plans to. But the dates have all been pushed back, with the tour now kicking off in December, because the UK government have added dates to the UK leg of Miss Corona's tour. From the look of how far along Jessie is in her pregnancy, I would say that she's probably due to give birth at the tail-end of the year. Which would mean she's gonna go straight from having pushed a person out of her pussy to pushing out notes on a tour!?

Bitch. I can't. But if I could, I would never.

What's Your Pleasure? was one of the best albums to drop in 2020. And as great as it was to see the critical acclaim it got, it deserved larger commercial success on a global scale. So it's nice to see Jessica still adores the album as much as many of us do, and that she has no plans to give up on it any time soon. Oh. And that Deluxe Edition of What's Your Pleasure? which started off as just an idea; it's looking like it's actually going to happen. Jessie even spoke about possibly doing something with Kylie Minogue - the one thing I said I didn't want for a Deluxe edition of What's Your Pleasure?. But, whatever helps a bitch secure a hit. Kylie Minogue's 2020 album release Disco debuted number 1 on the UK charts, whilst Jessie's unfortunately did not, even though it deserved to and is the better album. But it's great to see that the future looks bright for What's Your Pleasure? and that it's going to get a second shot at the commercial success it deserves.

Shit. All of this talk and I didn't say a word on Jessica's performance. It was great. She looked great. My wig jumped off of my head into a split. Be sure to check out the backstage rehearsal of "Remember Where You Are", which I actually prefer to the televised performance.

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