Kumi Koda releases her feel good song "We'll Be OK", and we've all heard it before

Kumi Koda releases her feel good song "We'll Be OK", and we've all heard it before | Random J Pop

As soon as Kumi Koda announced this song and gave us the artwork and the title, I think we all knew exactly how the song would sound and what the music video would be - because Kumi Koda is as predictable as Black homophobes when Lil Nas X releases a new music video.

A usual, Avex is on its 'You can't embed the video' bullshit. So you'll need to head on over to YouTube to watch the music video.

Watch it: The music video for Kumi Koda's "We'll Be OK". head on over to YouTube to check out the music video.

"We'll Be OK" is cute. And I'm all for a feel good song with a really positive message behind it. But Kumi Koda has so many of these types of songs in her discography already. "Puff", "All Right", "Lick Me", "With Your Smile", "Joyful", "Love Holic" and more besides. They all sit within the same sound bracket and are all more or less about the same thing. There are so many different routes Kumi could take with a feel good song about keeping your chin up, but she ALWAYS pivots to this sound and vibe. It's tired. I don't get how she isn't bored of it.

I would have been a little easier on the song if it were tied to something: a J-drama, a video game, something for a commercial, a new theme song for her fanclub or something (I pepped the mascot in the music video). But as a stand along single with no other context? It's a no from me dawg. I could even take this sound and vibe if the song was memorable and the absolute best of the bunch, but as soon as I was done listening to the song, I could even remember any part of it. The whole thing just feels like a waste.

Kumi looked great in the video. Her looks were very indicative of her general style, which I think she should lean more into. Because she turns better looks when she's out to pick up bakeries and just ride bullet trains than she does when she really tries in music videos. Especially when it's for her faux hood nonsense where she starts cosplaying as CL from 2NE1.

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