Tinashe shows us pussyrobics in "Bouncin"

Tinashe shows us pussyrobics in "Bouncin" | Random J Pop

One thing 'bout Tinashe, she gon' stay on that grind and keep giving you SOMETHING. Don't matter if she got no label, no budget, or if her last shit flopped like a bear in a kiddy pool. She gon' stay serving. And that's exactly what she did with her latest song "Bouncin".

Whilst Normani's "Wild Side" is sucking all of the air up out of the room, folk should really take a minute to see what Tinashe is offering up. She may not be giving the girls as many looks and a 6 figure budget for production, but she is giving you CHOREO, and in my opinion, a much better song.

Tinashe absolutely killed the choreo in this video, but we been knew that she could move.

"Bouncin" is the first song from Tinashe (excluding her collab with Shift K3Y, which absolutely shoulda been a hit) post Joyride that I feel could get major traction on radio. Not to say that nothing she released before "Bouncin" wasn't good. But nothing sounded as radio ready as this. And to give the song even more legs, Tinashe should definitely consider putting a rapper on it. I know everybody and their momma has done a song with Ty Dolla $ign, but he really would sound great on this, as would somebody like Lil' Wayne.

It really is crazy to me that a label had an artist like Tinashe and just chose to play her. She's the kinda package that you'd think a label would be grateful to have. Then again, think of how many great artists have been screwed over, played and shelved by labels over the years. Désgösten.