Coca-Cola release Tokyo Coronalympics song "Colorful", and it ain't that colourful

Universal and Coca-Cola drop their Tokyo Coronalympics song "Colorful", and it ain't that colourful | Random J Pop

With these damn Olympics now FINALLY underway and Tokyo about to turn into Raccoon City, we're starting to see everybody push the green button on marketing and promotional campaigns that have been sat in the can for months.

This right here is the theme song for the COVIDlympics, which is sponsored by Coca-Cola, and it's called "Colorful". This song is basically Namie Amuro's "Hero" but without the slow part, and a whole bunch of artists, which includes Daichi Miura, AI, Miyavi, Perfume, Taemin of SHINee, Little Glee Monster and more besides.

A random note. I'm British. So if I use the term colourful when I'm not referring to the song title and y'all are like 'Why does he keep changing the spelling!?'. That's why.

The shots of all of the artists singing is so bizarre because of Perfume. a-chan really told Kashiyuka and Nocchi 'Y'all just bop your heads. This is MY motherfucking moment'.

I like the song. It's cute. It would've been nice to have had a larger roster of artists and for Miyavi to have actually sang. But the song is still cute.

Universal and Coca-Cola drop their Tokyo Coronalympics song "Colorful", and it ain't that colourful | Random J Pop

Sometimes I look at campaigns such as this, and think to myself, 'Did y'all really do everything you could do for diversity and inclusivity?'. There was a slight disconnect for me between the song title, the roster of artists and the casting of extras.

So, the song is called "Colorful". And all of the gaijin extras are of different races. No variety of body shapes, but okay. The majority of the artists in the campaign are Japanese, which makes COMPLETE sense. I get it. But even within that there isn't as much diversity as there could have been. We get some white girl and some Black dude...and that' And neither of them are Japanese. "Colorful" is a song which was released through Universal Music, a label that has Beni, Thelma Aoyama, Crystal Kay and Chris Hart. The diversity in these 4 artists alone ticks a bunch of boxes. Yet none of them were included as part of this.


We didn't even Crystal Kay on the slyest racist level of 'Naomi Osaka is popular now, so put Crystal Kay on the song, 'cos they both black, speak Japanese and have the same hair'. 

The approach taken with this campaign says a lot about how some countries view diversity. To Japan, diversity is inclusiveness of people who aren't Japanese - with no consideration that there are many people in Japan who are Japanese, but are of different races, who deal with systematic foolishness  because of that in their everyday lives. This song would have been a nice way to have shown there was understanding of this, but nope.