Kyary Pamyu Pamyu releases her Teletubby banger "Jumping Up"

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu releases her Teletubby banger "Jumping Up" 「じゃんぴんなっぷ」 | Random J Pop

So Kyary has released a new song. And I need her to come and tell me why this song was snuck out on the sly, with no promotional tie in (at time of writing), and no music video. Because this song right here, is the fucking jam.

It's foolishness. It's KIDZ BOP in the streets and a cheek clapper in the sheets. "Jumping Up" is coming for all the demographics.

Columbia records Japan are on some Avex mess is still on their 'No embedding YouTube videos' bullshit. Kyary needs all the exposure she can get now that she's trying to go it alone on her own record label. She needs to send some folk a strongly worded LINE message. But you can listen to the song via the links below.

🔊 Listen to Pussy Pam's "Jumping Up": 🟢 Spotify | 🟣 Apple Music | 🔴 YouTube

"Jumping Up" is giving me a lil' Para Para. It's giving me Whigfield. It's giving me Teletubbies. It's giving me Vengaboys. It's giving me Top of the Pops. It's just giving.

*Pushes the Polygon Wave EP to the side*

"Jumping Up" feels very much in Vengapamyu's wheelhouse, but also feels a bit new for her. There are songs in her discography that this could be adjacent to ("Ring a Bell" comes to mind). But nothing she's done before has really hit like this. And it once again shows (contrary to what Perfume put out) that Nakata Yasutaka CAN actually give a bitch a FULL SONG. Kyardi P is out here with a song which has 2 verses, a chorus, a middle and a refrain. Meanwhile Nakata is sending Amuse zip files of incomplete songs for Perfume.

I've not liked a Pussy Pam song this much in a while. Hopefully she'll shoot a music video for it, launch a TikTok challenge for it and all that fun stuff. But what I really want it for Black Twitter and TikTok to take this song and run with it.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's 5th studio album Candy Racer releases on October 27, 2021.

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