UK girl group Flo drop an acoustic version of their debut single “Cardboard Box”

UK girl group Flo drop an acoustic version of their debut single “Cardboard Box” | Random J Pop

New girls on the UK block Flo got off to a great start with their debut song “Cardboard Box”, and are smartly choosing to milk the song a little more. As they should. Because as good as the response to it has been, “Cardboard box” could still go much further than it’s managed to. And this acoustic version of it, complete with a video that Flo have shared should go some way toward doing just that.

This version of “Cardboard Box” is titled ‘Live Acoustic’, and I’m not disputing that it isn’t live. But I get the feeling that this was pre-recorded. Either way, Flo sound great. I’m just treating it as another version of the song.

“Cardboard Box” was a good song that hit all of the right marks. But the one thing it didn’t do was highlight Flo’s vocals. And it’s something that Flo and their team were clearly aware of, because this acoustic version of the song places Flo’s vocals front and centre to a point where it’s like listening to a different group sing the song.

I don’t know what it is about girl groups who just sound good on fully embellished studio recordings of songs, but then sound great on acoustic versions. It was the same shit with the Sugababes and also All Saints. Their vocals and harmonies always sounded better tenfold on acoustic renditions of songs than studio recordings with all of the musical bells and whistles.

Hopefully if Flo hit up TV shows to perform “Cardboard Box“ they’ll flip between the two versions of the song, based on the show itself and the vibe; because both versions are great in their own right and show different sides of the group.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where Flo go from here. The UK music scene has long needed a new girl group, or just an active girl group, period. The Sugababes comeback is not happening for shit. That ship done sailed. And I’m fine with it, if Flo can come along and give what they gave, except being able to actually hold it down with R&B leaning songs - something that the Sugababes and quite a few UK girl groups were never quite able to nail.