Tyla serves up a classic MTV pop / R&B girl music video, with “Been Thinking”

Tyla serves up a classic MTV pop / R&B girl music video, with “Been Thinking”

Somebody get Tinashe on the phone. Because African pop girl Tyla is out here with a drum that Tinashe has been banging in all of our faces for years now.

I want to commend Tyla and the director of this video for bringing back what used to be staples of pop / R&B music videos. Multiple setups. Dance sequences. A dance break. The influence of Janet Jackson continues to live y’all. It will never not be crazy how Tittygate not only blue shelled Janet’s career, but to send her impact on pop to the basement and throw sheets over that shit. But thankfully we now have the Internet being what it is, and the likes of Tinashe and Tyla here to remind folk, whilst also giving us tastes of the kind of pop artists that they themselves are; and it’s great.

Fatima Robinson was involved with this video, which explains the throwback vibes of the whole thing. Fatima Robinson was THAT girl in the late mid-to-late 90s and the early 2000s, having choreographed for Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Aaliyah and Backstreet Boys.

“Been Thinking” features the production talents of Tricky Stewart, who continues to be one of the biggest producers with the sound that nobody can identify. No signature sound for shit. Not that it matters; especially in this day and age where the only superstar producers we have are the OGs from the late 90s early 2000s. The Neptunes, Timbaland, Max Martin, Rodney Jerkins. And all of their once signature styles have changed to such a point, where you could barely identify their more recent productions the way you once could.


I would genuinely like to see and hear a remix of “Been Thinking” drop with Tinashe on it.