Kylie Minogue to release her 17th album ‘Tension’ on September 22

A zoomed in shot of the album cover for Kylie Minogue’s 17th studio album Tension, which features a shot of her bathed in green light, holding a diamond in front of her left eye.

Out of absolutely fucking nowhere, Kylie Minogue announced the release of her 17th studio album Tension, which will release on September 22nd. Initially I thought ‘Another album ALREADY!?’ until I realised that it has been over 2 years since the release of Disco. Which isn’t THAT long ago. But I think it’s because Disco was being pushed for so long; with two re-releases of it dropping in 2021 along with music videos for the additional tracks, and then the live album dropping in 2022. And also that the past 3 years have kinda flown by.

Then my immediate follow-up thought was ‘Damn. She’s announcing this album EARLY!?’. September feels like it’s so far out, but it’ll probably come around in a flash. Kylie Minogue has not been great with her single choices for her last few albums. So I hope she makes better calls with Tension. Not releasing “Supernova” as a single from Disco was insane.

The album cover for Kylie Minogue’s 17th studio album Tension, which features a shot of her bathed in green light, holding a diamond in front of her left eye.

  1. Padam Padam
  2. Hold on to Now
  3. Things We Do for Love
  4. Tension
  5. One More Time
  6. You Still Get Me High
  7. Hands
  8. Green Light
  9. Vegas High
  10. 10 Out of 10 (with Oliver Heldens)
  11. Story

The album art for Tension is really cool and very striking. And if the look of it is anything to go by, Tension is probably going to be a club, house, dance etc. album. This wouldn’t be in the least bit surprising, as Kylie’s albums often tend to be in reaction to whatever is popular at a given moment. A lot of albums tend to be. It’s normal. But this is something Kylie has ALWAYS done; for better or for worse. Kylie isn’t an artist who sets music trends. She always follows them. In the early 2000s, we saw R&B having a big moment in pop, so we got songs like “Chocolate” and “Red Blooded Woman” for Body Language. Around 2017 every white pop artist was doing country pop, so we got Golden. In 2019 disco was having a resurgence, so in 2020 we got Disco. In 2022 we saw the revival of club and house music worldwide, so now we’re getting Tension. But sometimes it’s like Kylie forgets what she’s done before and chooses not to build on it. Disco was cute, but she did that whole vibe better with Fever. And Kylie has ALWAYS done dance music throughout her career - her most recent being the euphoric club laden Aphrodite with Stuart Price and Calvin Harris. But lets see if any of this colours Tension in any way.

Kylie never really offers any twists or newness, which can make her albums seem very by numbers, a little uninteresting and derivative compared to others in the same space. Disco was cute. But it was sedate and generic compared to what Jessie Ware gave with What’s Your Pleasure?. Not every artist has to be bold and push envelopes. Kylie stays on trend and delivers great pop songs along the way, looking great in the music videos. She’s unproblematic, and ain’t ever hurting nor offending nobody. And this is also why she remains as popular and adored as she is. Kylie has her place and she’s well aware of it, which is also why people adore her. You always know when you’re getting with Kylie.

Kylie was unable to tour Disco and had to opt for a lil’ livestream gig, because Miss Co’vid was on her world tour. So it wouldn’t surprise me if nearer the release of Tension we got a 2024 tour announcement.

Tension releases on September 22, and will be led by the single “Padam Padam”.

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