Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Sai & Co

Every song Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has released post Nanda collection has been a form of disappointment. So it's nice to hear a song from her which doesn't suck. Not only is it nice to hear Kyary sing without (too much) auto tune, but it's good hearing her sing in a key that doesn't leave my ears ringing. If only Nakata could be consistent with this. This song see's Pamyu Pamyu and Nakata back on that A-game Nanda collection tip and I love it. That chorus tho.

The title of the song is a play on the Japanese word saikou which means the greatest, so the song title literally translates into English as "Great & Est". This has a dual meaning in its original Japanese form, given that the song itself features in a Coca-Cola commercial. Nakata always be sneaking in product references into songs he writes for tie-ins, so I wouldn't be surprised if the lyrics mentioned something about how drinking brown coloured carbonated beverages is the greatest thing ever in the whole entire world. He ain't slick nor subtle.

Yet again we see the lines between Pussy Pam material and Perfume being smudged to hell and back. Because if you were to switch out Pamyu Pamyu's vocals with Perfume's, this could easily sit within the tracklist for Cosmic explorer and fit perfectly in place of deadweights on that album such as "Baby face" or dare I say it: "Tokimeki lights" - which is the song that "Sai & Co" is probably most comparable to on that album.

Still, this is a great song with an equally great video. None of it makes sense, but when do Pussy Pam's videos ever?

Music video: Janet Jackson - Dammn baby

Fresh off the back of the news that Janet Jackson is pregnant and expecting her first child, she drops a music video for the aptly named "Dammn baby" from her eleventh studio album Unbreakable.

"Dammn baby" is one of the tracks on Unbreakable that I always skip, because it's so reductive and a complete unashamed take of that signature DJ Mustard sound that I'm sick to death of and never liked in the first place. I can barely understand a damn word Janet is singing on this track. (Shout outs to the lyric video). But, given Janet's baby news, I get it.

Janet looks great in the video, even if the video itself is boring to watch and strangely edited. Janet did this type of video 6 years ago with "Make me" and did it better. Fans best savour this and start to fall back in her old videography, because we may not see anything new from Janet for a good few years.

It's a real shame that Janet didn't entertain the idea of lining up singles and music videos to drop from Unbreakable whilst she was touring, as it would have helped give extra legs to an album which seemed to be forgotten about swiftly after its release. It also would have helped garner interest in her tour, the tickets of which seemed to be struggling to sell. Unbreakable is a nice album with no shortage of potential singles. "Burn it up!" not receiving an official video was a huge misfire, as was not dropping visuals for "2 B loved", "Take me away" and "Night" all of which could have been strong singles and sat nicely on radio airwaves.

Watch how she names her child Michael, whether it's a boy or a girl.

Album review: Perfume - Cosmic explorer

Album review: Perfume - Cosmic explorer | Random J Pop

Perfume's sound was easy to pigeon hole at one point. But over the years it has gone through some changes. Changes which only reveal themselves once you place their albums side by side. What their 5th effort Cosmic explorer highlights in a way that none of Perfume's other albums have is what clearly works for them and what does not. The strange thing about this is that it should not be a revelation or even news, given that Perfume are now game veterans who have had their entire discography helmed by the same man for the past decade. The writing on the wall is that perhaps Yasutaka Nakata doesn't know what Perfume's sound truly is any more and Perfume are just happy to be the vessel for whatever material he puts in front of them.

Hikaru Utada set to make her 2016 comeback with 2 brand new songs. Scalping season begins in April.

Hikaru Utada set to make her official comeback in 2016 with 2 brand new songs. YASSSSS! SCALP ME BITCH!! | Random J Pop

Hold onto to your wigs. Because Hikaru Utada will be releasing new music this year. This is not a test. This is not a hoax. This is 100% legit. Scalping season is upon us.

Hikaru Scalptada will be unveiling 2 songs on April 4th. The first song "Hanataba wo kimi ni" will act as the theme song to the Japanese renzoku drama Toto nee-chan. The second will act as the ending theme for a news program  - the song title of which at time of writing is yet to be revealed.

Album review: Crystal Kay - Shine

Crystal Kay - Shine | Random J Pop

After releasing what was one of the best pop albums of 2012 and a digital single in 2013 which was an absolute bop, I had high hopes for what Crystal would deliver next for her follow up album. These hopes dwindled a little following some miss fired digital single releases over the course of 2014. But they were swiftly shot down when Crystal finally released her long awaited album.

Music video: Perfume bring out the kung-fu for "Flash"

Perfume are sneaking out a last single mere weeks before the release of their 5th studio album, as if we have not heard enough of it by this point. "Flash" has been doing the rounds in varied forms over the past few weeks, but now we have the official music video.

I do not like this song. It’s dead like Tama the railway cat. (Unless of course the album mix can turn it all around). But I really like the visuals. Perfume’s outfits genuinely look nice. The shoes are still a damn mess. Perfume’s pump game is an atrocity. I miss the days of Game and Triangle when somebody actually gave a damn about the footwear and allowed the girls to wear more than one style of shoe. But it is nice to see Perfume roll out with a video which has a really clean visual, following the sloppy messes which are their Cosmic explorer album covers. The look and aesthetic in this "Flash" video should have been the visual concept for the album. But I won’t go there.

I’m done with the kung-fu choreography though. It was cool in “Cling cling”. But I was done with it in “Ijiwaru na hello” (which I think is one of Perfume’s worst and sloppiest routines) and I’m beyond done with it here.

Shout outs to Nocchi, because was hitting those marks in this video. Girl was moving and whipping her little onigiri bob in a way I’ve not seen in some time.

Listen to... Ariana Grande - Be alright

Ariana Grande - Be alright | Random J Pop

When Ariana dropped "Focus" I had officially lost any interest that I may have had in a new album from her. The song sounded like "Problem", looked exactly like "Problem". The song itself was a problem. The shred of hope I had of Ariana attempting something new was dashed in a bid for Ariana's team to try and recapture the success of a song which wasn't all that great in the first place.

A flop single and an album name change later (what was titled Moonlight is now Dangerous woman) and we had a new song in the form of "Dangerous woman". It was a nice change of pace for the donut licking songstress, but it still wasn't enough to sway me. But then Ariana stopped by SNL and performed a song by the name of "Be alright". Ariana hit me with deep house, smooth vocals and a cute little vogue inspired dance routine. And just like that I was sold.

Album review: Namie Amuro - _genic

Namie Amuro - _genic | Random J Pop

_genic feels like the album Namie has been gearing towards for years. With Namie's past 2 albums you got a sense of what she was striving for, but the end results were lacking. Uncontrolled had its overall direction dictated by the album cuts, but was anchored so heavily by the singles that the end result was a very divided album. Feel felt very cold and as though Namie was singing other people's songs. "Hands on me" and "Heaven" took on lives of their own and superseded the legacy of the album as a whole, but nothing else truly stuck. _genic on the other hand is a solid amalgamation of who Namie is and where she stands musically. Deciding to record an album of all new material and not including the singles she had released leading up to the release of this was one of the best decisions Namie could have made. It will be interesting to see how she handles her approaches to recording singles and albums from this point on.

Album arts, tracklisting & tour info: Perfume - Cosmic explorer

Random J Pop | Perfume - Cosmic explorer

Perfume have finally announced their 5th studio album, which will be titled Cosmic explorer. A complete buck of trends in comparison to their previous 1 word album titles. Dare I say it, the album title feels Pamyu Pamyu-ish. This is no surprise as Perfume's producer Yasutaka Nakata had been re-hashing Pussy Pamyu songs for Perfume for most of 2015.

The art direction for the Cosmic explorer album covers were handled by Yoshida Yuni and the girls are sporting Issey Miyake dresses on the limited edition version of the album cover. Perfume's style game is like a black hole of doo-doo. Shit so strong that even a creative director who has helmed campaigns for Louis Vuitton and a designer as iconic as Issey can't save them from looking dead ass.

Music video: Beyoncé - Formation

As has become somewhat customary for Beyoncé, she released her new single "Formation" with no pre-warning, along with a video. Not only did Beyoncé set the beyhive swarming with a new release, but she had everybody talking because of the content of both the song and video. Both of which are odes to blackness.

"Formation" is one of Beyoncé's most controversial and noteworthy releases, from an artist who in the past 10 years has always played it safe and as vanilla as a soft whip. She says the word 'negro'. There is not a single white person in the video. She says she's proud of her husbands' wide nose and her daughters hair being nappy. The video is shot in New Orleans. She sings about taking her boo to Red Lobster after he lays the dick down good. There is a scene of the Police putting their hands up and then a shot of 'Black lives matter' sprayed across a wall. "Formation" is basically everything many have been wanting Beyoncé to comment on for the past 3 years. Better late than never. Oh. And she went and dropped this the day before the Super Bowl 50.

Between the song, the video and the Super Bowl 50 half time performance of the song, "Formation" in a nutshell is basically Beyoncé doing this...

Single review: Perfume - Star train

Upon hearing the preview of "Star train" I rolled my eyes and thought 'What kind of shit is this?'. It had been clear throughout 2014 and 2015 that Capsule member and Perfume producer Yasutaka Nakata's output had clearly been influenced by top 20 UK chart music. But upon hearing the "Star train" in full and seeing the video, the song grew on me and now I really like it. I'd even go as far to say it's Perfume's second strongest single post LEVEL3 after "Pick me up". "Star train" will no doubt go on to become Perfume's ubiquitous encore song during live shows. I'd quite like it to be. "My color" is tired and there's only so much of "Chocolate disco" I can take.

The assassination of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

A-chan has been sick of Perfume's run of material lately and has attested it to Yasutaka Nakata spending far too much time with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. So A-chan decided it was time to take matters into her own hands. Ideally she wanted to do something about the blonde haired hit-maker with the shrapnel grill. But she needs him for the well being of the group. At least for now. So she decided to do something about the wig wearing material snatcher instead.

R.I.P Mondai gurl.