Single review: Perfume - Cling cling

Perfume - Cling cling | Random J Pop

Perfume won't take a seat for the whole of July until local hospitals are full of women in the A&E department crying to be giving an emergency lace-front or a black shower cap, because they seem hell bent on scalping. The past 2 months has been a continuous roll out of news and material from the holy trinity that is Perfume. But when all is said is done and we pin everything down to the music, how does their 25th single really fare?

Listen to... Perfume's "Display" and "Ijiwaru na hello" in full

Perfume - Hello / Perfume - Ijiwaru na hello | Random J Pop

"Cling cling" is doing the rounds in televised performances and Perfume are showing up to every photo shoot wearing those Chun-Li spinning bird dresses. There's also a release date for the "Hold your hand" music video. But none of that shit matters when two of the other songs from the "Cling cling" maxi release have dropped in full and thrown all that shit under a tatami mat.

When that raggedy clip of the Panasonic commercial hit the web with a preview of "Display", we were all sprung. A level of sprung which did not drop, waver or subside even in the wake of the full commercial hitting YouTube and the preview of "Cling cling" dropping. "Display" is that electronic filth we've been waiting for Nakata to give these girls after "Party maker" made us thirsty for as such.

All was quiet on the "Ijiwaru na hello" front, because nothing seemed to be made of it. But it is the silent assassin of the "Cling cling" maxi single; serving up the Game throwback that Perfume fans have been clutching bibles for since 2009. In an act of self shade, Nakata even throws an East Asian beat switch into the song which sounds better than the whole of "Cling cling".

It's dangerous to listen to Perfume's new single alone. Here. Take this | Random J Pop

Perfume get turnt to "Cling cling" live in their Chun-Li spinning bird dresses

Perfume perform "Cling cling" live | Random J Pop

I was eagerly awaiting performances of "Cling cling" because I was keen to see more of the routine, many parts of which were selectively not shown in the music video and to see if the live performance would indeed make me like the song more. And it does. A little bit. I guess. Kind of. I still don't love the song, but the routine definitely elevates the it some-what as it's the one element which sets it apart completely from Pamyu Pamyu (whose songs "Cling cling" sounds way too much like), because we all know there's no way Pussy Pam could dance the routine nor look as fly attempting it.

As with the video, Nocchi is working this routine like her position in the group depends on it. She was getting it and serving face, arms and legs like she was told Kawayuka was coming back unless she put it that work.

Music video: The brilliant green - A little world


The brilliant green are set to release a compilation album The swingin' sixties on July 23rd, which features re-recorded versions of some of their songs and the new track "A little world", for which they shot a video. A really, really shit video.

"A little world" features your average Tommy february6 video, with her parading around on furniture surrounded by crap and looking cute. A home video of her actually wandering around London and taking in the city would have made for a much nicer and thematically relevant video. A parodied re-enactment of The Beatles' A hard days night featuring all of the members of The brilliant green would have been contextually great. Given the UK theme of the song and the name of the album, I think it's a shame this wasn't extended to the music video in a greater context. I like the song though. Tommy's English is as endearing as ever.

Maybe one day she'll do a gig in London and give me my life with a live performance of "Lonely in gorgeous". One can hope.

Music video: Perfume - Cling cling


Oh "Cling cling. First you disappoint me with your song and now your video, which is nowhere near as iconic as I was hoping it would be and as Perfume's videos tend to be. "Cling cling" was always going to have a tough time after "Display" threw down its gauntlet with an amazingly edited masterpiece in 4K resolution.

What is catching the attention of fans aside from Kashiyuka selling sexy every moment of screen time she gets and also the dance routine featuring actual kicks are the similarities between the "Cling cling" music video and Spirited away. This cool GIF set on Tumblr touches on the comparative moments - most of which are very valid comparisons, cementing that it may not be such a far fetched idea that the Studio Ghibli classic was an influence.

What sells this video here are Perfume themselves as opposed to the concept. They look like Ming dynasty bowss bitches and they dance the shit out of the routine. The synchronicity and position switching during the breakdown always gets a rewind outta me. It is poppin'.

Not much happens in this video to hold your interest, as the one thing you want to see more of (Perfume getting turnt in the Ming dynasty dresses) is inter-cut with shots of some tramp in a hoodie running through some Chinese shanty town, a kaleidoscope and Nocchi smiling because she finally gets to rock something on her head other than the same tired onigiri looking-ass hair style she's had for hundreds of years.

What is going to keep "Cling cling" relevant are the live performances. From this point on it will be all about the routine and Perfume getting turnt in either the Ming dynasty bowss bitch dresses or the Spinning bird Chun-Li outfits.


Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Ring a bell

Kyary Pussy Pamyu only let "Kira kira killer" loose on the world a short while ago, but already she's moving onto the next one on the eve of her new album with her kindergarten club banger "Ring a bell". Despite it not being a single, it does have itself a music video / dance tutorial video, which is obviously tied in with a product. Because Pusha P don't drop shit unless there's a product tie in rolling yen into her giant teddy bear purse.

"Ring a bell" is a tie in with karaoke company DAM. By heading over to the site, you can film a clip of yourself singing and dancing to the song and then share it socially. You will then be represented as one of thousands of avatars on the website which rain down like the money Pamyu's earning from this, all the while she dances to the song in the middle of the screen...for yo' money.

The "Ring a bell" visual features Kyary dressed in her trademark pink piece of frilly shit and her 2 wig wearing back-up twerkers going in on a routine and giving all of the life which Pamyu looks like she has no intention of giving for a second.

"Ring a bell" is the one song on Pikapika fantajin which I do not like. The music video made it a bit more tolerable in the 'the lyrics are such a mess that I like it' sense. And once you start to listen to the song it does get poppin'. But I'm still not feeling it quite like that just yet. I'm still all about the pussy poppin' fanfare "Sungoi aura" and my stripper jam "Koi koi koi".

I wish Nakata had made this a solo song for Nocchi on Perfume's next album as a joke. Because that girl is never in the studio, gets no solo parts on songs, and she sure as hell ain't being given no microphone. 


Music video: Kavka Shishido - Dame kashira?


Kavka Shishido is back with a brand new single which is easy, it's breezy and perfect for the Summer. She's even shed her Morticia Addams wardrobe for a coloured dress and some fly heels. AND SHE BE TRYING TO DANCE TOO!

The general vibe of the song and video is similar to that of "Love corrida" in that Kavka is looking fly, is having fun and is doing this all to a song with a chorus which wouldn't quit even if the wheels fell off. In a nutshell, Kavka is snatching MiChi's hair from its roots and giving me everything that she has failed to give me over the past 2 years.

If you've yet to check out Kavka's debut album Kavkanize, be sure to do so. Kavka pretty much came along and swept MiChi's Eyes wide open under a sofa bed with it.


Album reivew: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Pika pika fantajin

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Pika pika fantajin (ピカピカふぁんたじん) | Random J Pop

Judging from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's third studio album Pika pika fantajin (which literally translates at Sparkling fantasy person) it would seem that the princess of all things colourful and zany has come full circle and somewhat settled down. Not with a man. But with herself. She is still bat shit crazy. But everything feels dialled down now in comparison to when Pamyu Pamyu was farting rainbows in her "Ponponpon" music video. She seems less insistent of jumping in your face and f**king it with colour, almost in an act of acceptance that everybody has already entered the gateway into her zany world, so she can now focus into showing you around it. This shift is actually brilliance, because it gives you chance to sit back and actually take in just how brilliantly meticulous every aspect of her career has been up until this point. The girl is a package unlike any other, which boasts a level of creativity and consistency which no artist in the West is even close to touching. Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry, Azaelia Banks and Lady Gaga can all take seats.


Perfume serve Chun-Li lightning kick realness in their "Cling cling" video preview

I haven't tried to get into "Cling cling" as I had already resided with myself that there was no chance of me liking the song any more without seeing the video or a live performance. The song on its own does very little for me. Even with the full length version making its way online, I can't get into it. The only section of it I can get into is when Perfume's vocal get chopped to f**k and are vocoded beyond recognition because it's the only point where "Cling cling" legitimately sounds like a Perfume song and not Perfume doing karaoke of a remix of Pamyu Pamyu's "Ninja re bang bang". So the short version of the music video arrived just in time.

The song is dividing the Prfm fandom right down the middle, but the video and the routine could be the one thing which everybody can agree on are decent and up to par with Perfume standards. The girls are looking great and the routine looks like it's going to be a hot one. It features a Chun-Li lightning kick for f**ks sake. How can you not love that shit!?

Perfume - Cling cling | GIF by Random J

Perfume know that between this and "Display", that girls are about to be sent home in broad daylight with their edges completely gone.


Album review: Ayumi Hamasaki - Colours

Album review: Ayumi Hamasaki - Colours | Random J Pop

If there's one thing you can bet on with an Ayumi Hamasaki album, its that it will be wildly inconsistent. Love again bucked Ayu's streak of inconsistent albums, but it was incredibly safe to the point of rendering the album forgettable. Whilst Colours isn't as consistent in its sound as Love again was, it at least shows Ayu taking a much needed step in a new direction with her sound. But Ayu's uncertainty in regards to her sound has never rung as true as it does on this album. Ayu has not rung he alarm this hard since Party queen.


Album review: Beyoncé - Beyoncé

Album review: Beyoncé - Beyoncé | Random J Pop

I have always liked Beyoncé, but have always felt that her albums have never been up to par with a woman of her vocal dexterity. Her best releases have been as part of Destiny's child. Every album of Beyoncé's has felt inconsistent, contradictory and un-focused. Dangerously in love is widely regarded as a classic in Beyoncé's discography, but it was strongly pronged by well chosen singles, something which would become a theme for Beyoncé's albums up until the release of 4; where it all went a bit wrong and the one song which could have been a smash single got released late into the albums' cycle at a point when nobody cared about it and Beyonce was too heavily pregnant to promote it or care.

Beyoncé's self-titled album is one of her first to feature a re-occurring theme, which is her journey from a young girl, to star, and into motherhood. The album opens with her speaking at a beauty pageant, is littered with interludes of her as a child and is bookended with her daughter singing her name - this album is a series of snapshots of Beyoncé's life as a whole. Given Beyoncé has never been the most open person and seems to be the most scripted personality in pop today, this sounds like a recipe for one of the most forced albums from one of pop's most spoken about but guarded pop stars. But what becomes evident as you listen to this album is that despite this thread which runs through most of the songs, the album as a whole is just as unfocused as everything she's done before. The interludes serve a purpose to try and tether the songs together, but there's still a strong element of randomness to the album. It sticks together, but just barely.


Perfume announce World tour 3rd and the home release of World tour 2nd

Based on the success of their second world tour and their commitment to becoming global stars, Perfume have announced their third world tour. Fans in the States have been begging, pleading, making blood oaths and sacrifices for Perfume to visit the US and they've finally gotten their wishes; as Perfume will take their tour to L.A and New York.

The trailer could have been a little better and edited with the clean aesthetic Perfume are associated with, but it just about managed to convey what make Perfume such badass bitches and what sets them apart from just about every group in existence.