Listen to... Jessie Ware - Say you love me

Jessie Ware - Say you love me | Random J Pop

Jessie has released another track into the wild from her second studio album Tough love and as with the self titled track it's yet another step change for her. Way more pop and folk driven than anything she's done before, which is no doubt the influence of the co-writer of the song, Ed Sheeran whose vocals also appear on the track.

I don't think "Say you love me" will become an instant hit, but it feels like the type of song which will become a slow burning hit and burn it's way into the public conscience through the way of appearances in countless popular US TV drama's, TV commercials and chilled sessions / love songs compilations.

Ever since "Imagine it was us" Jessie has curve balled me with every song she's dropped and she has not disappointed me once. With Devotion, I never would have thought Jessie would ever take to recording songs such as "Imagine it was us", "Tough love" and "Say you love me" as they put her in a place she's openly said she deliberately stayed away from on he debut. But I love she's allowed herself to be pushed into something new. It's great to finally hear her explore her vocals and colour the songs in the way she hinted she could on Devotion, but held herself back from.

Jessie Ware's second studio album Tough love is released in the UK October 6th with a US release slated for October 24th. I can not wait to hear this shit. I'm ready for this woman to give me a short back and sides in the dark of night and leave my hair under my pillow like a some kind of tooth fairy who snatches wigs instead of teeth.


Music video: Moxiie - Anyway


Haitian pop star Moxiie is connected to Namie Amuro's "Hands on me". Keep reading, I'll get to how. But walk with me for a minute as I give the lowdown on Moxiie's latest release "Anyway".

Whilst other artists are putting out kiss off songs about deadbeats to colourful music backdrops, here's little Moxiie releasing a song about staying in a relationship to a dark as hell bassline and an even darker video which see's her sporting a wig of devil horns. I'd like to see somebody try and snatch that from a bitch.

"Anyway" feels like a lost tape from somebody's ghetto basement house party in the 90's, which is why I love it. The song is darker than anything Moxiie has done before and the video is tame aesthetically given how outlandish Moxiie's style usually is. "Anyway" is a big step change for her, as it strips away many of the layers we usually get with her music and her videos. Every once in a while an artist will drop that one song which strips away the excess and allows you to see them as they are and "Anyway" seems to be that moment for Moxiie.

Whilst it would be easy to write Moxiie off as some black Lady Gaga based on this video, Moxxie doesn't show one titty or piece of sex throughout this whole video. Something I don't think Lady Gaga is capable of not doing these days for the sake of selling a copy of Artpop. I feel like I know Lady Gaga's vagina better than I know my own set of balls.

To tell you how Moxiie is connected to Namie Amuro's "Hands on me" - "Hands on me" was co-written and co-produced by Fredrik Ödesjö, better known as Fredro, who also produced the video for Moxiie's "Anyway" and is also her partner. I've already got my fingers crossed that Namie's A&R man picks a Moxiie penned and Fredro produced banger to make the cut for her next album. Of course I want that shit all in Namiengrish.

MiChi posts a vine of her jamming in the studio. She about that basic music now.

All's been quiet on the MiChi front, but between the release of Eyes wide open and now, she has been Instagramming and tweeting about being in the studio almost non-stop. Whether this is for gig rehearsals, jam sessions or a new album, nobody knows. But I'll take what I can get. The latest fruits of her studio sessions was posted in a Vine where she and her guitarist are jamming and playing a riff which won't leave my head. It might be new, it might be nothing, it could even be "Saturday night".

MiChi has been steadily falling from grace for the past 5 years. Her debut album was amazing, followed by a couple of amazing singles. But then things started to go a bit wonky and we got a really divided album in the form of Therapy and then 44 minutes and 47 seconds of boredom in the form of its follow up Eyes wide open. Her latest "All I know" has left me with no hope that MiChi will turn her shit around in the middle of the road and drive as far away from basic city as she can.

Whether its a marriage which fails, a pregnancy or sex so good she can hear the dead, I need MiChi to have some form of creative epiphany and realize that she needs to throw her shit back to the days when she was giving life with jams like "Hey girl", "Why oh why", "Yeah yeah yeah!!!" and one of the best pop songs ever "All about the girls ~Iijyanka party people~". I'm missing that girl. If MiChi's not careful Kavka Shishido will snatch her wig in the night and replace her.

Music video: FKA Twigs - tw-ache


FKA Twig fans will have seen the video to "tw-ache" back in June, when it had featured exclusively on Dazed during which time FKA Twigs was the cover star of their physical issue at the time and they had run several feature pieces on her online.

The video for "tw-ache" directed by FKA Twigs herself and Tom Beard. The "tw-ache" is a remix of FKA's own track "Ache" - the original video of which shares a very similar aesthetic to this one. FKA Twig's videos are usually quite abstract and fractured. Whilst the editing of this video could be considered as such, the general theme of it is rather simple in that it is just based around dance, the movements and intimacy of which are open to interpretation. It's one of FKA Twig's most 'normal' videos for the lack of a better expression. It's almost as though she's stripping everything down to who she is; having originally started out as a dancer and the lack of vocals in the music cause you to zone in completely on the visuals and the physicality as well the the intimacy of the dancers.

FKA Twigs has been doing many rounds online as of late, most recently with the release of her song and video "Two weeks", delivering a smooth slice of Prince like R&B, with a visual almost comparable to Kanye West's "Power", albeit on a smaller scale and more than likely a much smaller budget.


Music video: Crystal Kay: Dum ditty dumb


With "Busy doing nothing" doing nothing and "Rule your world" not ruling a damn thing, Crystal Kay is back to try and salvage the mess that is her US debut with "Dum ditty dumb" - a song we heard long before "Busy doing rubbish" and "Rule your garbage bin".

Fans have not been impressed with Crystal's offerings so far and judging from her dire chart performance I don't think the record buying public are neither. "Dum ditty dumb" follows the same tired trend as "Busy doing nothing" and "Rule your world", which is that it could have been a really strong song, but it just doesn't gain enough traction because it feels like it's missing that spark to make it something really good. Out of all three of Crystal's singles, I think "Dum ditty dumb" has the best chance of becoming 'something', because it's the catchiest of the trio and it has a really cool video. But the song alone just isn't catchy enough and doesn't knock hard enough.

The music video is one of Crystal's most vibrant offerings. But Crystal feels so detached, because she features so partially in the video. The second the dancing girls start shooting rainbows out of their faces, you forget all about Crystal, regardless of how hot she looks. As cool as I think this video is, Crystal really should have been dancing in this video and sporting a bunch of fly girl looks in some Chinese side street, popping her pussy under some neon lights. Not because I feel this is a better concept that what she went with, but because I feel she needs to be introducing herself to audiences and nothing about this video gives viewers any kind of hint into who Crystal is or what she's about. The US are already up on Pamyu Pamyu and as a result will probably end up comparing this video to one of hers, which whilst a compliment, isn't what Crystal is or has ever been about.


Perfume snatch the whole of Tokyo with a performance of "Edge"

Perfume "Edge" performance @ JAPAN NIGHT | Random J Pop

Perfume held wigs for random during their performance set at JAPAN NIGHT. These girls put "Cling cling" to bed, brought "Edge" back from the dead and sent other girl groups to school. The title of this song could not be any more fitting, because edges are the one thing nobody was left with after Perfume snatched and scraped for 8 minutes straight.

Perfume fans will be familiar with this performance and how cutting edge it was back in 2010 and it still holds brilliantly now; which is why it was great to see the girls revisit it with updated visuals and a new level of confidence. In true Perfume flair, everything just came together perfectly to create a visual masterpiece; right down to the sea of glow sticks in the audience changing colour to the music. Perfume's visual team do no f**k around. Not for a second. They keep it tight.


Music video: MiChi - All I know


MiChi has slowly been falling off ever since her close to perfect debut and her latest new single "All I know" keeps her well on that decline. Nothing that MiChi has delivered since Up to you has been bad, but it's not been great neither and this is the problem. Everything she does, we know she can do better. "All I know" is a nice song, but it's so generic, and as has become custom for MiChi it comes with an awful music video which looks as though it was shot on a music video budget that wouldn't be able to buy a pack lunches worth of snacks for a child.

Man, I miss the days when MiChi was dropping pop bangers and doing it like no other chick was.

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Listen to... Beyoncé featuring Nicki Minaj - Flawless (Remix)

Beyoncé featuring Nicki Minaj - Flawless (Remix) | Random J Pop

The Amazonian empress from the kingdom of lost wigs has punk'd the world again by dropping a remix to one of her (now many) oft referenced, GIF and meme worth songs "Flawless". The wig harvesting star's remix features Nicki Minaj. Many had questioned how come the Beyoncé and Nicki collabo hadn't happened sooner, but the timing of this union seems perfect. Almost too perfect. Surfacing at a time when Beyoncé's name is in the media over her arse and marriage chilling on the rocks and Nicki Minaj is set to release her new single "Anaconda" which is already taking on a life of its own due to it's cover art which has already been photoshopped and meme'd to pink hell and back.

The "Flawless" remix has been noted more than anything for Beyoncé addressing her sister going Chun-Li on her husband in the lift 3 months ago with the line 'Sometimes shit go down when there's a billion dollars on a elevator'. This could be shade at Solange, because she probably had the lowest amount of funds in her account out of everybody in that lift. Hence why she went level 3 ultra on Jay-Z. He probably told her to go park some cars out front for money after listening to her beg B for money all night.

Members of the BeyHive have already checked themselves into A&E for third degree burns as a result of being dragged for miles out of nowhere in the middle of the night by their fave and her remix.

I don't think the remix is all that great myself. Nicki has delivered much better verses on her other guest features, but it's cool hearing the two of them on a track together and it works well. There's no ego between the two and there's a real sense of solidarity on the track with Beyoncé calling out Nicki by her real name and letting her run loose on the track as she pleases, consuming as many bars as she needs.

Be on the lookout for a video. There's been no confirmation of one, but we know how Beyoncé loves to shoot a video and snatch a wig in the night.

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Perfume welcome everybody to "Cling Cling" world. Nochesus Christ serves the gospel on You Tube.

Perfume - Welcome to 'Cling cling' world | Random J Pop

Perfume did a special intimate gig which was open to anybody with access to the internet, which was titled Welcome to "Cling cling" world. Things such as this is usually made exclusive to members of Perfume's official fan club PTA. But with a national tour under way, a world tour on the way and "Cling cling" being dismissed by so many fans, locking this video down to a select number of fans would have been stupid.

Perfume performed "Hold your hand" for the very first time and I have to say, the song works much better with a routine (as all Perfume songs do). But the song still sucks and the routine is nothing great. It pales in comparison to "Cling cling" and it doesn't have a damn thing on "Sweet refrain". But watching the girls dance to it looking like Asian royalty in their Ming dynasty dresses makes it more bearable than the music video. No disrespect to the person who painstakingly edited the music video for "Hold your hand". It's lovely, but it will take more than a show of hands coloured in crayolas to make me like that song.


Music video: HA:TFELT (Yenny of the Wonder girls) - Ain't nobody


With the Wonder girls being as good as dead and ex-Wonder girl Sunmi coming out of nowhere to trample over the wreckage of the girl group to show the world how she gets down with her slow twerks and pussy pops, Yenny wants blood.

Yenny's chops as a song writer and her singing ability were as clear as day as part of the Wonder girls, to the point where you'd mistake her for being the leader of the group and putting Sunye under a JYP cafeteria table. So it should come as no surprise that she's decided to go solo. What is slightly surprising however is what she debuted with as her song and video, which is very similar to Sunmi's "24 hours" with its dark visuals and a choreographed routine which involves getting low on the floor and opening legs in a little white number which shows everything the second the routine gets under way.

"Ain't nobody" is not my cup of tea, but the bandwagoning of dubstep didn't aggravate me as much as it normally would. Despite the sonical shifts between the verses the chorus and the refrain, the song feels wholly monotonous and doesn't feature a strong melody. In light of all this, I don't dislike the song. But props to Yenny for not having JYP produce her debut. That man recycles beats and song concepts like Namie Amuro recycles her boots.


Album arts & track listing: BoA - Who's back?


Japanese BoA fans have been wondering when BoA would actually bother to release another Japanese album, after denying them one for 3 years. The details of BoA's Japanese long player have surfaced, but in light of this you could still ask the question when she is going to bother releasing a new Japanese album, because this shit right here light on new material, even by J-Pop standards. This 'new album' from BoA is nothing but a singles collection.

  1. First time
  2. Shout it out
  3. Only one
  4. Fun
  5. Message
  6. Woo weekend
  7. Milestone
  8. I see me
  9. Masayume chasing
  10. The shadow
  11. Close to me
  12. Call my name
  13. Baby you..
  14. Tail of hope

I'm surprised Avex didn't throw Japanese versions of "I did it for love", "Copy & paste" and "Hurricane Venus" on here too, alongside a 4 year old songs like "Woo weekend".

A look at Kumi Koda's "Hotel" and the return of SkanKumi

Kumi Koda's 57th single Hotel is due in August and Avex are gearing up for its release and throwing out last minute scraps of promo; which is probably Avex's knee jerk reaction as a result of their ex-queen's album free falling out of the charts. With Ayumi Hamasaki's album beyond saving, Avex are pumping that budget into trying to get some physical single sales out of their other cash cow: Kumi Koda.

In act of smelling Ayu's blood on the Avex carpet, Kumi put out a statement on her new Summer single. Depending on how you read into it, there is some potential shade within it for Ayu.

With this last work I wanted to push my limits, it would have been boring if I was within the expectations. In the music video I wanted to interweave dance, fashion and women's beauty and strength. Through different expressions, fashion, hair and make-up I was able to show you how I can easily change my image.

I expected "Hotel" to be a case of Kumi looking like hooker trash in some art deco hotel, with an army of female maids and bell hoppers acting out sexual orgies in each of the rooms with the guests - pretty much what Britney subjected the world to on her Onyx hotel tour. But instead we get Kumi looking all mumsy in some Santorini looking setting. In this regard, the final article was outside of my expectation. But Kumi needs to stop fronting like this is all wonderfully new. It's about as basic as we would expect from J-Pop's original ho.