Girls' generation's 'Black soshi' preview...

The ending to the SNSD-bots' "Oh!" video had fans guessing for a while. But the pussy is out of the bag, and it's been confirmed that girls' will be adopting a darker look...

This dark look is for a brand new music video, for a song which did not feature on their Oh! album and will instead feature on a re-release. One damn single and 2 months later and already they're dropping a re-release!? Two words come to mind regarding this: Skank and greedy. Why couldn't SM have just let the girls work this look for a music video to "Show! Show! Show!" and held off a repackaged album for a bit longer?

The girls look great though. This image should be a mainstay, because the overly cute look has well and truly out stayed it's welcome. Plus, the girls are lagging behind in the smouldering sexy stakes. Other K-idol chick groups such as Brown eyed girls, T-ara, Kara and 4 minute have already been there, are doing it and wearing what could barely constitute as a t-shirt. Even f(x) went all dark and sexy for their "Chocolate love" video.

Not sure whether the song in the teaser is part of the actual song. But for some reason I doubt it is. It sounds like you're generic "Ooooo, something's a coming" teaser music.

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