Behind the scenes of Keri Hilson's "Return the favour"

Keri gives us a sneaky peak behind the scenes of her forthcoming music video for her single "Return the favour" which featuring Timbaland. The video is directed by hot in demand female music video director Melina Matsoukas, who more recently directed Ciara's "Go girl" music video and also worked with Keri before on her "Energy" music video.

I'm still not sold on the song and believe that keeping the original chorus would've made the song latch on better because it was catchy. Plus, "Return the favour" already feels like it's mad old because it's been floating around the Internet for so long now. But, whatever! It's done now. Keri looks really nice in the video thouh and it looks like it'll be a hot one. But one does wonder what this'll do for Keri, considering her solo career has been trauled through the dirt for the past 2 years and that her debut album has been plagued by constant push backs which is never a good look. I'm still skeptical about her albums' current December 5 release date. I wouldn't be surprised if it changed to TBA 2009 unless "Return the favour" manages to really blow up big.

I do look forward to seeing the video though, as it does look really cool. Keri looks like she has some moves!

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