The Forehead to release ANOTHER single!?

The Forehead and Justin Timberlake on the set of 'Rehab' The Forehead and Justin Timberlake on the set of 'Rehab'
These shots right here were taken on the set of The Forehead's next single. Yes. ANOTHER single from his big foreheaded bitch. As if her IMAX theatre screen forehead isn't over exposed and saturating the game enough as it is.

I cannot believe yet another single is being released off of Good girl gone bad. This has gone beyond a joke now. The Forehead must be sucking every single dick at Def Jam. Not that I'm justifying her whack live performances, but this could be the reason she sounds like shit half the time she takes to a stage. Whilst Mariah's shit struggles to go multi platinum and Janet Jackson got dropped like a hot potato, Rihanna gets an album re-release, 3 further singles AND a feature on T.I's brand new single. Home girl must have lock jaw with all the n***a's dick's she be sucking, because that's the only reason I can think of that her album is still getting singles released off of it. It's also a joke how for some strange reason there is a reluctance to release the one song on The Forehead's album which had single written ALL over it from the beginning: "Breakin' dishes". The song should've been released yonks ago. It eludes me why it wasn't and still hasn't been released.

Now, "Rehab" (Rihanna's new single) is a good song. Easily one of the stand outs on Good girl gone bad. But it stinks of Justin's "What goes around, comes around". Releasing it now is not only a case of 'too little, too late', but 'too recycled, too stale'. Since "Rehab" we've had Madonna's "Devil wouldn't recognize you" and The Pussycat dolls "Halo" - both of which have the exact SAME sound courtesy of Timbaland.

In case you're wondering what the hell Justin Timberfake is doing in the shots with Rihanna, he wrote "Rehab" and manned the studio session with his not so down low lover: Timbaland. He also contributes vocals to the bridge section of the song. Some serious spit roasting must've been going down in that studio when the song was recorded.

The only nice thing I'm willing to say about The Forehead is that she looks HOT in the pictures.

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  1. This is getting RIDICULOUS!!!


    As much as I liked 'rehab' (a year and a half ago) that it's just TOOO LATE!


  2. Totally agree I LOOOOOVE Breakin Dishes and was so excited when I found out it was going to be the final single and it didn't happen :( Rehab is a really good song but I would've prefered Breakin Dishes over Rehab.

  3. Rihanna's still releasing singles because Rihanna's still making money. Every single, with the exception of "If I Never See Your Face Again," has been a hit. GGGB has sold over 6 million worldwide and she just hit the top spot on the Hot 100 again with T.I. May as well call the bitch Midas. 8 singles is excessive, but don't be surprised if after Rehab's success (and likeness to other Timbaland music aside, it will be a success) she releases "Breakin' Dishes" anyway.


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