Keri Hilson's double a-side

Keri Hilson's double a-side singleKeri Hilson will be releasing "Return the favour" and "Turnin' me on" as a double A-side single. I smell another flop. It's too little too late. She'd be better off releasing a song that hasn't leaked. It would also help if the song was good, because the more I hear "Return the favour", the more I can't stand it. It's just a boring song. It could be sung by any old chick. Plus, the finalized version sounds crap in comparison to the original version because the chorus was messed with and it now sounds whack. The tighter production was no comprensation for a decent hook in my opinion. "Turnin' me on" is no better. It's throw away club garbage at best.

I can't stress enough how bad things are looking for Keri. It's gone way beyond a joke now. She's releasing the complete wrong singles at the wrong time. Everybody wanted "Your cover's blown", her people didn't release it. Everybody wanted "Return the favour" about a year ago and they release it now. It's too late. I don't think there's much that can save Keri now, because the damage has been done. Plus, with big sellers Beyoncé, Britney and Ciara all dropping albums between now and the end of the year, Keri will seriously struggle. Releasing an album this late in the year is sales figure suicide unless you're a big seller.

Interscope need to sort their shit out. That label is a complete mess. N***a's over there need to be fired. I like Keri, so I'm at least glad that she'll still have a career if her album gets shelved. She's made a name for herself through her songwriting and either way she'll be in the game and making money. I'd actually like her to roll tighter with her songwriting team The Clutch. They've been writing a lot without her as of late. No doubt due to her trying to sort out her mess of a solo career.

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