Music video: Keri Hilson featuring Timbaland - Return the favour

The video was a step up from "Energy". It looked like it actually cost more than a gym membership to shoot. But I found it pretty boring to watch because the song is so boring to listen to. The pixelated transitions looked tacky and gave a really polished looking video an amatuer feel. And the lack of decent choreography during the dance sequence was a missed oppurtunity, especiallys eeing as Keri can actually move. But Keri looked on her A-game (as usual) and I'm glad she didn't rock one of those nasty Queen Amidala wigs. With any luck they've been burned in a trash can.

Keri's album is slated for a December release. Whether that sticks or not is another matter entirely. But we'll see what happens.

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Random J exclusive: Return the favour (Random J's edit)


  1. Can we get a video with Timbaland in it where he's not sittin' his ass down? At least it wasn't in a back seat this time.

    It's a decent video I guess, and Keri looks fine as usual. It looks like some parts could've been in 3D with all the red and green colors in it.

    I still can't believe how they butchered the chorus.


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