BoA at YouTube L!VE Tokyo

BoA was one of several artists who performed at a live YouTube even in Tokyo last week. My Dad actually asked me if I went to a YouTube gig because he'd heard there was one in Tokyo, and I had no clue what he was on about. I actually thought he was talking rubbish. Serves me right! It's a shame this event took place after I got back from Japan. I would've love to have gone.

With BoA's Western debut on the horizon, this was definitely a good look for her.

The live performance of "Eat you up" was pretty good. I liked the live rendition of the music with the electric guitars and shit. But if she wants to make it big in the states, she's going to have to step her game up. Vocally she sounded really good, but she danced like she couldn't be bothered and she just didn't seem that engaging.

Hearing a couple of BoA's other songs back to back definitely made "Eat you up" sound even worse. "Lose your mind" would've made a better single in English. That is actually a good song and one of the few decent songs on her album The face. Overall she put on an alright show. Nothing amazing, but entertaining none the less. Her outfit was horrendous though. She can't be wearing that shit when she performs at Times square next week. She best dig some better looking shit out of her wardrobe. That MC Hammer shit won't fly. She needs to make like the did in the music videos for "My name" and "Dakishimeru".

Also, did any of you notice how the guitarists string broke at the 18:19 mark?