Brandy performs "Right here (Departed)" on TRL

A good month after this single was released and only NOW we get the live performances of it!? Dear God, Brandy: step it up!! She should've been gracing us with this shit ages ago. But I guess it's better late than never. Plus, Brandy's album isnt out for another month, so she's still got time to get that promo mill turning.

Something about this performance wasn't doing it for me. For starters, why the hell was the song taken down to a lower key? If you can't sing a song live in its original key, then take that shit down an octave in the studio and put that version out. Also something tells me that this performance had Brandy's vocals pre-recorded. I just didn't get the feeling she was live. Brandy pulled this shit with the majority of the live performances she did for her album Afrosidiac. I think near enough every perfoamnce I saw of "Talk about our love", "Afrodisiac" and "Who is she 2 U" had her lip syncing. The whackest thing is that Brandy CAN sing live. But she chooses not to most of the time. I can't defend of justify this shit. Especially when bitches like The Forehead be pulling live performances out of the bag.


  1. It's not really that good of a performance, but it's not terrible I guess. And I really can't tell if she's lip syncing or not, which probably means she is.

    When she releases "Long Distance", she better not lip sync on that. That song deserves to be sung live!


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