Official Ciara album and single covers

Official 'Fantasy ride' album cover

So what happened to the exclusive artwork of Super C that Ciara kept banging on about!? Ciara looks nice, but the shot is boring and the font ruins it completely. As Ciara and her people did with her singles, they need to roll out something different and better. Considering her album is supposed to be semi-conceptual, you would've thought she would've extended that to the album cover. Ciara's creativity seems to be a complete mess right now. Fantasy ride went from being an album I was hotly anticipating, to something I barely care about any more. Just leak the final versions of "Echo" and "Turntables" and I'm a happy bunny. Ciara's 'third luck's the charm' single "Love Sex Magic" also has a new cover for the UK.

Official UK 'Love Sex Magic' single cover

Budget and rubbish. Whoever thought a bad quality, pixellated still from the video would make a hot single cover should be taken down by Chris Brown.

I'm beginning to wonder if Fantasy ride will still be 3 discs, given all of the push backs and debacle surrounding it. Ciara deserves better than this. In more Fantasy ride news, yet more songs have leaked from it. None of them are particularly good. Somebody call Houston, and tell them CiCi has a problem.


  1. For an album you don't care about you sure wrote a long essay there....Mentioning artwork, features, leaked songs. You've downloaded all her stuff, saved all the pics and posted all the videos yet you claim you don't care about the album???

    THe lady doth protest too much.
    Pull up your skirt. Your panties are showing.

  2. Fantasy Ride in stores May 5!

    In the meantime all you thirsty haters can get Love Sex Magic and Never Ever now on iTunes! You know you want to.

    Check out the world premiere of the Love Sex Magic video on at 11am ET on Monday 23 March!
    You know you want to. We know you will!

    Peace and love hater!

  3. That wasn't no damn essay! You want essay's, look in J's archives! lol :P

    And he's right, this album has lost tons of steam. With all the leaks and incredibly mediocre singles, what's there to be excited about? But my GOODNESS, Ciari looks so fine in that picture.

  4. Oh, here we go... *rolls eyes* You're just being an idiot and try'na be a smart arse.

    If what I wrote was an essay, then it must be the shortest ever. It was 2 short paragraphs.

    I blog on popular music. Ciara, happens to be a popular artist. Regardless on whether I care about a particular artists' album / music video / music or not - I'll post on it. I do not like every artist, every song and every music video I post, nor anticipate every artists album I post on. And nor should I. This is an objective music blog.


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