How Super Junior should've been moving in their music video

The choreographer of Super Junior's "Sorry sorry" song put out a video of him and a buddy working through the routine for the song. After I watched it, all I could think was "What happened!?"

Super Junior's dance in the "Sorry sorry" music video was NOWHERE near as tight as that. And I don't want stans coming out with "You should see their live performances. They dance better live!" Because I've watched a dozen live performances of "Sorry, sorry" and shit looks just as bad, if not worse than it did in the music video.

They looked stiff, ragged and un co-ordinated in their music video. Not a single move they did was even remotely tight. The only guy in the video who looked like he was working the moves somewhat decently was the fat one. I do not know what happened with that mess dance the boys put down in "Sorry, sorry", because at least 2 of the members can actually dance, as this video clearly shows.

As guys who've been in the music game for over 5 years and are now in their 20's, some of Super Junior's members need to enrol in some dance classes. 'Cause from a dude who choreographed Janet Jackson, Usher and Justin Timberlake can't step in and make your group's shit pop, you know something is wrong.


  1. WOW! Something definitely got lost in translation,LOL.


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