Music video: The lonely island featuring Justin Timberlake - Mother lover

I didn't know whether to laugh or wince when the chorus came in. I soon ended up laughing though. The song is so wrong that it's right. It'd take a good friend and some understanding (and slightly hoed out) mothers to agree to some switcheroo's and mother loving.

I can't believe the guys got Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson to appear in the video. Although I'm not sure why. The lonely island clearly seem to have to problems drafting in hot talent for their exploits.

I'm glad that The lonely island and Justin's exploits didn't end with "Dick in a box". Though it's a damn shame this song was recorded after The lonely island's Incredibad and therefore didn't make the cut. This could've been a mammoth hit single in both the UK and US.

As with "Jizz in my pants" and "I'm on a boat" the song is genuinely hot. The lyrics are funny, catchy, the flow is almost too tight and the beat is bangin'. It's better than most of these non-joke, legitimate tunes doing the rounds on radio!

A club I go to has a DJ who sometimes drops "Jizz in my pants" and "I'm on a boat" much to my delight. "I'm a boat" was my jam. But it just got sidelined by "Mother lover". I'll be sure to request it next time.


  1. They are so funny and I love ''Jizz in my Pants'' and ''I'm On a Boat.''


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