BoA on extra TV

What world is it BoA's won over most of? Because it sho' ain't this one! Her English is getting better. She managed to say 'choreography' just fine. I know n***a's who grew up in an English speaking countries that can't even say that.

BoA's English language debut was absolute garbage. But it had enough decent songs on it to get a 4 single run, and BoA has enough going on for her to be marketable. I have a hate / love relationship with BoA. But I can't deny it. She's hot to death, she's sexy, she's photogenic, the camera loves her, she can dance, she's got appeal. It's just a shame SM entertainment haven't capitalized on it all and continue to delude themselves into thinking that BoA's Japanese fame can translate to the US with the aid of one music video and a couple of crappy gigs that you wouldn't know about unless you were a fan or somebody who partially follows her career.

BoA spent way too much time in Japan that SM entertainment may as well have not bothered releasing her album in the states. They could possibly bring it back if they ran the promotional machine into overdrive, re-released her album, and pushed "Did ya" or "Obsessed" as the next single. But why bother? She'd only hustle in Japan the whole time and have the singles bomb like Al-Qaeda.

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  1. Aw, come on!

    Give her some credit. In my opinion, the one's that will break through in the USA will be BoA or Utada Hikaru. Maybe Se7en after them.

    And at least 6 songs were good from the album.


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