Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - Sunrise ~Love is all~

For a chick who wipes off her make up every night with 10,000 Yen notes and then flushes them down the toilet just because she can; this video didn't look like it cost a great deal to produce.

It's a real shame that the one Ayumi 'Robot face' Hamasaki single I actually really like goes and gets such a crap video. She could've done something so much more energetic, colourful and fun than just stand in one spot and wave every 6 seconds. Sky was really the limit for this music video, and Ayumi barley got off the ground. I bet her live performances of this song on TV shows end up being better and more elaborate than this music video.

I'm not a huge fan of Robot face. But whilst I don't always look forward to her singles, I always look forward to her music videos because she goes all out and blows big money on having them look good. I guess the recession had Ayumi being a bit more money conscious on this occasion.

All about the album this single didn't feature on: Next level album review


  1. hmmm it would have been better if this performance was a part of the vid instead of the whole thing, she looked cute and her shoes were HOT but it wasnt good enough for the whole song.
    on the other hand the song is really amazing my favourite ayumi song yet :P


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