Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - Sunset ~Love is all~

I prefer the music video for "Sunrise ~Love is all~". The cinematography was much better, and whilst the video was still crap, the shots, cuts, edits and placement of the dancers and onlookers at least captured the song's energy and held a little bit of your interest.

The editing in this music video a mess and I don't think the director took full advantage of utilizing some solid cinematography. Much better shots should have been used to highlight the crowd, the structure, the sunset and Ayumi herself. Only right at the end do we get to see some really nice shots of Ayumi and the crowd (who don't look all that engaged and makes me wonder if they were really fans at all!) Ayumi is lucky the song is so good, and that her stans will just love whatever she does regardless of how crap it is.

I'd like to watch the drama this song features in. As J-drama's have this knack for placing insert songs into scenes at the most perfect time to really push the scene and the song. Quite a few J-drama's have had me like songs more as a result of hearing them in drama's than I did when I'd first heard them. I didn't think much of Hikaru Utada's "Prisoner of love" until I watched Last Friends. Then I fell for it big time. The same goes for Ayaka's songs in Sapuri. I loved them so much more upon hearing them in the drama.


  1. I prefer her previous singles in her Next Level album, "LOVE 'n' HATE" "Green" and "Rule."

  2. This video kinda reminded me of the scene in Final Fantasy X-2 where Yuna is on that ship singing '1000 words' to the crowd. Ayumi is up high, looking all glam, singing to a large crowd and gets emotional at the end. Just thought I'd throw that in there :-)


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