Music video: 4 minute - Muzik

Credit crunch must be hitting Cube entertainment a little, with this looking like it was shot on the same set as "Hot issue". Not a problem really when the video is so hot. The girls style looked (a little bit) more refined than it did in "Hot issue"'s music video, and they looked hot, more at ease and like they weren't trying so hard. Well...once "Muzik" kicked in after that stupid intro. I'm still not 100% sold on the 4 minute girls. 2NE1 are getting my vote in the newbie girl group stakes. But if 4 minute dropped a seriously hot song and gave a tight live performance I couldn't fault, then I could be won around eventually.

"Muzik" should've been 4 minute's very first single. It's a much better song than that "Hot issue" rubbish and it has a better video too.

Check it out: 4 muzik mini album review


  1. During the intro, I kept waiting to hear "Black n' Beats Vibes!" really loudly, LOL...

    Hot, if auto-tune-tastic, song.

  2. 4minute's style has become more refined. They should be NO LONGER compared to 2NE1 but are now being made rivals with f(x). What's your opinion on them, Random J?

    Yes, it should of been their first single but maybe it's a better upgrade to get them noticed. I hope they win at least #1 once for a Mutizen though.


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