Music video: Cheryl Cole - Fight for this love

The video is shit. It looked like she ripped off bits from Ciara's "Like a boy", Keri Hilson's "Return the favour", Amerie's "Why R U", BoA's "I did it for love" and Lady Gaga's "Just dance" music videos and parodied them badly. Cheryl has no rhythm what-so-ever. The dancing was whack and the sexy poses looked forced and made me feel uncomfortable to watch. And what was with the leopard print get-up? Give her an mp3 phone blaring out N-Dubz, hoop earrings and a pink Air Max mini backpack with a vocabulary that consists of "Innit!" and "Ya gets me?" and she could be a full on London hood rat.

All this video did for me was make it clear that Cheryl can't shine on her own as an artist (I use the term loosely) without the other Girls aloud members. Which isn't saying much considering they're all as dusty and boring and void of musical talent as each other. Nadine's the only member who can actually sing, but she's the most boring member. I think the song was wasted on Cheryl. Leona Lewis or Alexandra Burke could've done with a song like this for their lead singles and would've knocked it out of the park vocally.


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  1. The songs growing on me but her singing it like an American bothers me.

    When I first saw this video I was saddened by the straight jack of Robyn's who's that girl and Kylie Minogue's love at first sight video treatments mixed with some things I'm sure I've seen in some Amerie videos. Cheryl needs to stop with this solo stuff until she finds herself as an artist instead of trying to be a mesh of other more successful artists. But maybe your right and she can't do it without the other Girls Aloud members. For me she was the one who looked pretty and got the press attention rather than an individual voice like Nadine.

  2. shes shit . . . . end of lol maybe she should hook up with peter andre and they could make a massive autotuned sympathy single lol :P


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