Music video: Shakira - Did it again

The choreography in this video was really something. The mind boggle at how this was conceptualized an dhow many takes it must have taken. I love how this whole entire video was a metaphor for sex and sensuality, without anything overly explicit or super suggestive. This is what I love about Shakira. She manages to find way to exert sexiness without always resulting to the common denominator.

I was not expecting a video like this for "Did it again" what-so-ever. The song is so fast paced and percussive that I thought Shakira would go with a dance performance video and subject me to 3 minutes of belly dancing, contortions and working her shit like a crazy bitch. But she went with something different. It certainly matches the song to an extent, but it wasn't what I was expecting. Not a bad thing. Just a surprise is all.

Could you imagine the sex between Shakira and this dude in the video!? There'd be limbs everywhere and the most insane positions going down. The guy in this video makes me want to enrol in a capoeria, free running class and go join a gym. Just so I can put some flexible athletic sex down.

"Did it again" is a great song. Pharrell Williams out did himself with the beat, which is simple, but really mesmerizing, and sets a mood. I'd be down with some urban clubs jumping on this. Chicks would whine and grind to this beat like nobodies business, and there's enough of a kick to it that fellas can pull a shape or two.


  1. I still hate her voice, but Shakira is so sexy! When she showed up in that dress @ 2:27, I said "Damn!" Cool and original video.

  2. yeah that is an amazing video and i love the song more than she wolf (which i love!) so i hope it does well :D


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