Alicia Keys & Rihanna's performances on The X-Factor

Alicia Keys & Rihanna perform on X-Factor
When Rihanna heard that Alicia was performing, she should have pulled a sicky and said a n***a hit her. In all fairness, The Forehead did a pretty good job. Well... As good a job as she can do. ♪ Where dem blowgga's at? Where dem blowgga's at? Where dey at? Where dey at? Where dey at!? ♪

Alicia Keys - Empire state of mind / Doesn't mean anything / No one

I hope God helped Alicia when she took off that red catsuit. After being sat at a piano for a couple of minutes and then hip grinding under hot stage lights to "No one" - her poontang must have been sweating with a capital S. I honestly don't know how Britney did it in her "Oops! I did it again" video.

Could anybody tell that Alicia performed 3 songs? I barely did. I didn't even realize at first that Alicia went from "Doesn't really matter" to "No one" given how both songs sound near enough the same. Alicia's performance was hot. Her vocals were strong and she showed near enough every other female act who has hit the X-Factor stage this year how it's done, and done LIVE from start to finish. I wasn't keen on the medley. I would have preferred just a solid performance of "Try sleeping with a broken heart". But the audience seemed to love it and they got more than they bargained for. So who am I to nit pick and moan? I can't wait to hear her new album. "Try sleeping with a broken heart" gets non stop plays from me on those cold late nights.

Click here to watch Rihanna's performance of 'Russian roulette' on X-Factor
The Forehead - Russian roulette

Official folk are clearly clamping down on uploaded vids of The Forehead's X-Factor performance. Because everyone I be clicking on says Embedding disabled by request. So click the image above to check her performance out if you've not seen it already. Or you just fancy watching her sit in a chair with her fine self.

Some of those notes The Forehead hit were gangsta and made my left ear bleed. She didn't completely suck. Of course she sounded like shit compared to Alicia Keys. And every time she sang ♪ You can see my heaaaaaaaaaaart ♪ I braced myself, because she sounded so rough singing it. Shit was not smooth. But by The Forehead's standards it was good. She looked stunning in this performance. It's good to know that Road runner hair she keeps sporting out on the street can be tamed and styled into something that actually looks nice, and not like Chris dragged her by the back of her head.

Def Jam really are messing up with The Forehead's singles. "Russian roulette" is the official lead single from Rated R. Yet most people over here in the UK think it's "Wait your turn" and hate the song. I've been playing "Russian roulette" at work for a solid month and nobody knew it was The Forehead's new song until she went and performed it on X-Factor. Not a good look. Her Rated R album is currently under performing way below expectations given her promotion and 'that' scandal. But her albums never seem to release to big numbers. I smell a Rated R: Reloaded release by next Monday.


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