Yet ANOTHER 'Beyoncé said she came up with shit, when she didn't' claim

Beyoncé and them songwriting lies... [image by Random J ;P]
Well, well, well. Looks like Beyoncé has been caught in ANOTHER 'how much did she contribute to the song' scandal. The co-songwriter and producer of Destiny's Child's hit song "Bootylicious" Rob Fusari (also the man behind Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi") has spoken out about the situation regarding the song. I'm sure you can guess what said situation is. Beyoncé turns around and says she came up with the whole thing, when in fact; she didn't...

Rob Fusari says...

I came up with the idea to build a track using the guitar riff from Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen." I really wanted to play the riff from "Eye of the Tiger," but I was flipping through my CDs in the studio and I couldn't find it. But I saw the Stevie Nicks CD and I remembered that the riff was similar.

I remember watching Barbara Walters interview Beyoncé about "Bootylicious" and she told Barbara about how she came up with the idea for the track. And I was just like, "What?" I called Mathew - which was a big mistake. I got emotional, and I apologized after. But I called Mathew and said, "Mathew, like, why?" And he explained to me, in a nice way, he said, "People don't want to hear about Rob Fusari, producer from Livingston, N.J. No offense, but that's not what sells records. What sells records is people believing that the artist is everything".
Wow. I get what Mathew is saying, but to tell a bare faced lie like that!? Would anybody lose belief in Beyoncé if she said "I worked on the song with this great new producer from New Jersey"? I think not. It's not a plan, because people are losing belief in her songwriting abilities with all these stories which surface. It's actually not hard to believe Beyoncé wrote "Bootylicious" and the whole of the Survivor album, because the lyrics for the most part are juvenile garbage anyway. But give props to those who helped you. Taking full credit for a song you did not conceive on your lonesone is not cool, and a slap in the face.

B needs to stop this mess. It's becoming clear that she doesn't write half the songs she's credited for writing. Listening to I am...Sasha Fierce you can tell what she wrote and didn't write. Some of the lyrics are way too articulate for a broad like Beyoncé. Listen to "Satellites", "Ave Maria" and "That's why you're beautiful" and then tell me she wrote all that shit. I don't believe it.

I lost all credibility for her song writing claims after seeing it printed in Destiny's child's 8 days of Christmas that she wrote "Silent night". And Michelle Williams even managed to snag a credit by being listed as writing "O Holy night". (I guess she must've been choking on Mathew real good to have gotten that listing). And every few months there's some claim that Beyoncé didn't do what it say in her album liner notes, and how she be taking full credit for shit.

I know Matthew is trying to secure his daughters future. But nobody will think any less of Beyoncé because she isn't listed as writing all of her own material. People will think less of her however if she's credited as writing songs she didn't. It's a complete middle finger to those who are serious about their craft and go out of their way to write good songs.

I still love the bitch like cooked food. But she needs to have words with her Daddy and stop this mess. We will still love you B - even if you aren't credited as writing and producing every song on your albums.

Producer Rob Fusari dishes on Lady Gaga & Beyoncé @ Billboard


  1. It's so clear that she doesn't write half of her songs especially when demos leak. Artists need to make sure demos are DESTROYED if they are trying to get that writing credit. James Fauntleroy was on Twitter and said he wrote all of Te Amo yet Rihanna got a writing credit. Smash Into You was recorded by someone else before she got it. James Fauntleroy has a demo of That's Why You're Beautiful which features a bridge that Beyonce didn't record. It's so obvious that these artists are getting writing credits for placements on their albums. Look at Mariah's albums, I doubt that bitch writes anything but is always a credited writer. The only R&B people I believe write their own music are writer turned singers like Sean Garrett, Ne-Yo, and Keri Hilson (who didn't even write all the songs on her album and didn't try to take credit for those songs)

  2. This is pretty low. No matter field you work in you should never take credit for other ppl's work. What is wrong with giving credit when it's due? Does she think she got where she is by herself? My hope is that someone will call her on this publicly to her face, I'd like to hear that answer. She can't avoid this stuff for ever.

    1. if all this is true then its pretty bad but y bring it up now? First ppl start by criticizing her Obama inauguration national anthem performance, then they criticize her superbowl performance saying they wanted a white singer not BLACK and now this. Bey should appologize n be hel responsible IF THIS IS TRUE but still she's not the only one. Dont act like she's the only one plz.

  3. The "Smack into you" / "Smash into you" case with Beyoncé was the WORST!

    Check out my take on that situation here!

    She changed ONE word. Something we're not even sure if she did, yet she's credited as a writer.

    I think it's terrible. But the thing is, that those she works with aren't going to call her out on it. For example: The Dream and Ryan Tedder are never going to turn around and say how Beyoncé didn't write "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" or "Halo" (another song I'm pretty sure she didn't write) because they were big hits, and would like to keep things amicable so the door is open to possibly work with her again and make more hits. Ne-Yo called out Beyoncé for having not written "Irreplaceable". Needless to say, she won't work with him again. Now Rob Fusari lets the cat out of the bag concerning "Bootylicious" and you know damn well B won't be working with him again.

    As for Mariah Carey; she's had a couple of these types of scandals. But for the most part you can always tell when Mariah's written a song. Her use of words is pretty distinct. Especially on all of her albums before The emancipation of Mimi. And in Mariah's defence, she wasn't listen as writing traditional Christmas songs, as Beyoncé and Michelle were in the Destiny's child Christmas album.

    I don't know why B and her daddy are so hungry for the songwriting credits. Nobody will think any less of Beyoncé if she isn't listed as writing EVERY single song. Brandy wrote ONE song on 'Afrodisiac'. And it didn't lower my love for her fo' a damn second, or make me think any less of her and her music.

  4. That is horrible, I completely sympathise with Rob and I can relate as I've had some creative work I've done yet taken from me without credit. If Beyonce wasn't as famous as she was, or had such a powerful father, then she would be dealt with accordingly for stealing.

    Although I do respect artists more if they have a part in creating their own music, I never frown upon those who don't. Some people have great voices to showcase to the world yet can't write a darn, which is completely understandable and not exactly new - Elvis Presley didn't write his own songs. And Michael Jackson's Thriller? He didn't even write it! Yet those 2 are the most recognisable and respected icons in music.



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