Alicia and Beyoncé "Put it in a love song" live

Alicia and Beyoncé 'Put it in a love song' live
Beyonce and Alicia performed their single "Put it in a love song" live for the first time. As you could full well imagine, the performance featured cocked open legs and a bit of weave thrashing. Alicia had a difficult time keeping up with Beyoncé: after all, it is part of B's daily routine.

The two ladies looked great together, and there was a real sense of playfulness and chemistry there. Not surprising, given the two of them are friends and have mutual contacts in the form of Swizz Beatz and Jay-Z.

I'm looking forward to "Put it in a love song"'s video, because Alicia can move that booty and them hips with the best of 'em - but she keeps the skills under wraps.

Beyoncé should have some phone sponsorship deal or something with these songs she be featuring on featuring a phone. "Video phone", "Telephone", "Put in a love song" featuring the lyric ♪ Say you want me, say you want me then text me on a cell phone ♪.

You can view the full shaky cam filmed performance here which features the weave thrashing I know some of you (okay...just me) were waiting for.


  1. first time i heard bout this song i thought all the single ladies put a ring on it again.. but it kinda sounds gd
    cant wait to her raven symones song feat beyonce "_"


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