BoA performs "Lazer"

BoA performs 'Lazer'
BoA did a little live gig, where she performed the song "Lazer" from her album that has divided the fans and haters alike like crazy: Identity. This is a rarity, as BoA hasn't been promoting Identity heavily, or performing songs off of it a great deal.

Jump below to check out a weak performance of one of the best songs on the album.

I always hate when a song is given live instrumentations and the end result is a chronically watered down version of the song. Anybody who has heard the album version knows that the beat on "Lazer" really pops and goes hard. And the album version was stripped away of it's hotness with this live version. And if that wasn't enough, BoA looked fed up on stage, and couldn't have been dressed in anything more unflattering.

BoA looked nice (that hair cut really does suit her), but this performance was boring as hell. The stage manager couldn't have even run a video of space invaders on a screen in the background and got the lighting team to go mad with some red lasers and shit.

I can see "Lazer" being denied a full-on single release with an actual music video, given SM entertainment like to keep shit moving and already have BoA already working on her Korean come back. A real shame, because "Lazer" could have had one hot video. Although, given BoA's recent lack of energy and half arsedness, perhaps the video wouldn't have been all that hot.


  1. ever since you mentioned this track i've been playing it non stop! lol
    I actually didn't think the performance was bad at all and i liked the costume, maybe if she'd come with a performance and song like that when she went to America she woulda got a lot more exposure and success... I'm not sure why Asian artists try to crack the notoriously dificult US first instead of comming to the UK, The fact that Utada sold out 2 dates here without ever releasing an album proves that there are fans waiting...

  2. No, this performance was whack. *lol* It was just so DRY! I can't believe she took such a hot song and turned it into mediocrity with this live performance. "Lazer" is a JAM! You'd never know it watching her perform it the way she did here.

    I'm not sure about how well BoA would do in the UK. But I always thought that Hikaru Utada would do well over here. Exodus wasn't my favourite album, but it could have been a hit over here. Especially "Let me give you my love" which was WAY ahead of the current electro Euro pop trend when she did it. Plus she's talented, got them big record breaking sales, and a strong live game; but she's sweet and humble - and us lot in the UK dig that - don't we? ;P

    Hikaru Utada could have a successful UK career EASY! She could have since day one. Maybe given how fast her 2 London dates sold out over here she will consider reaching out to her European fans more. It depends on Def Jam though, and that label is a mess right now. They're even messin' up with Rihanna's release, and I thought she was the top dog at that label.

  3. What about those quasi Nazi storm tropper uniforms LOL! It's ok Boa, I know your cool girl.


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