BoA's Korean comeback may actually happen this time...

BoA to return to Korea!BoA may well be heading back to Korea! I won't call it her home for now, because that may as well be reserved for Japan. But SM entertainment are looking into having BoA make a comeback in Korea in the middle of this year, in commemoration of her 10 years in the music game. BoA has not done any Korean promotion or released a Korean language album in 5 years, which means she's pretty much spent half of her career in Japan!

This is good news for BoA's Korean fans, as it means they can attend her local gigs and that they'll have songs of hers in their language again! It'll be weird seeing her hitting up TV shows with the regulars. She must be like an urban legend to many of the idols who have debuted over the past 4 years. They hear her name and see pictures, but have yet to see her in Korea. I bet the SNSD-bots and the Super Junior boys' will have to bow right down to the ground when they're in her presence. Chick has sustained a career and done big things in both Korea and Japan to be classed as royalty.

SM are also starting to draft some plans for having BoA record a Korean studio album. And are considering letting BoA executive produce the album. I see that after 10 years of slaving for SM entertainment, BoA still doesn't have any serious control over things. I say they let BoA produce the damn album. What's the worst she could do? She did a pretty good job on Identity.

BoA is coming back to Korea @ J-Pop Asia

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  1. eh, i don't know... i'm all about an artist having control over their work, but let's be real: boa isn't much of an artist. she stands where she's supposed to and sings the songs given to her. imo, identity was pretty much garbage. there's always a couple songs on every boa album i play into the ground, but absolutely nothing on that set made an impression on me. boa should stick to what she does best.

  2. Don't forget that she's still going to be working on her US career.

  3. "She did a pretty good job on Identity."

    Really? I heard from various reviews that the album is bad. I haven't listened to it myself as I'm not a fan but that doesn't mean I won't read your review of it!

  4. its crazy that she hasnt released any korean albums for 5 years! she gotta make some hot music and get back in controll.
    love the "urban legend" line lol BoA is really good though, I love that girl.


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