Ciara does a Mariah for her 4th studio album

Ciara and Tricky Stewart: New partners in crimeAfter Ciara's mess of an album Fantasy ride, she was quick to head back into the studio with the hotly in demand duo Tricky Stewart and The Dream, who also contributed songs to the flopped set. The lead single has already been green lit and had its video shot! It's called "Ride" and features her partner in crime Ludacris who previously worked with Ciara on "Oh!", "High price" and more recently the remix to his song "How low".

The song is said to impact radio in a few weeks. But after the mess surrounding "High price" and pretty much every planned single from Ciara's last album: I'm not going to be ridin' with anything until I hear the song in full, see the music video in full and the song is up on iTunes. I don't give a damn about no behind the scenes footage of nothing. When shit is full out, then it'll get serious.

Tricky Stewart let the cat out of the bag that Ciara was quick to head back into the studio following the lukewarm response to her serially delayed album mess album Fantasy ride, and that both he and The Dream would be handling most of the project, and also executive producing it.

I hope Ciara doesn't go and do a Mariah and have them do the whole album. Tricky Stewart and The Dream are a great team, and Tricky is a chameleon with his style. But their talents can wear thin over a whole album, and The Dream's songwriting has a habit of taking over songs pretty strongly, and not always in the best way. Danja being brought back into the fold would be a good look, because he gave Ciara some fire for Fantasy ride - and Lord knows a n***a could do with a hit about now.

Ciara best cross her fingers fourth time is the charm with this album, because she can't be affording no more flops. People's already calling a bitch out for being on borrowed time as it is.

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