Janet on Jay Leno

Janet on Jay Leno
Janet Jackson has kept herself busy over the past year, with recording a new album and also starring in Tyler Perry's Why did I get married too. Janet starred in the first film (Why did I get married) alongside fellow artist Jill Scott. And is currently promoting the film. She hit up Jay Leno, looking very clean cut and sophisticated. She had the titties tamed and everything (she can't risk them being out again). But that booty couldn't be tamed for shit. It's like POW! The best part of the interview is everything up until Janet sits down.

I couldn't give a damn about her acting career. I just want a new album from the woman. Discipline was gravely under promoted. Whilst not her best album, it had enough potential singles to enjoy a 5 single release run and give her a hit. But nope.

Janet is currently working on her new album with Rodney Jerkins ("Feedback" and "LUV") and ex boyfriend Jermaine Dupri. I can't stress enough how sickened I am that Janet is working with that n***a. Him and Janet have zero musical chemistry what-so-ever. They pulled one out of the bag for "Rock with U". But other than that, no good has come of these two's studio sessions. Jermaine needs to stop frontin' like he has it with Janet how he does Mariah.

Rumour was that Janet was reuniting with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, but there's not been much news on that...


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