Music video: Kid Cudi featuring MGMT - Pursuit of happiness (version 2)

This is a better video than the original, which I hated. The surrealism gives this video a cool quirk which is much more in line with who Kid Cudi is as ana rtist. As opposed to that cliche's n***a ballin' with bitches treatment he went with for the first edit for the video. It's cool that the producers of the song Ratatat appeared in this video. It would've been great if MGMT could a spot too.

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  1. You're right, MUCH better than the first video, which didn't feel like Cudi at all.

    He can't seem to get off the couch! And some people might think that's dry ice in the video, but I bet it's really just smoke from all the weed.

  2. *lol* @ "smoke from all the weed"

    One of my friends said the SAME thing. It didn't occur to me until he mentioned it. But it pretty much is a weed head video :D


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