Timbaland features in an episode of Flash forward

How the hell did this mumbling n***a get a spot on Flash forward!? This is so out of the blue and wierd. It was a cool little cameo though. Timbaland would make a cool evidence archivist. You could get a free rubbish rap or a fly as beat box with every item you take out. And if you get a gold box, you get a free beat. One of the good ones from the 90's and early 2000's though. Not the shit he does now.

On a different note, I think it's cool a big show like this features an asian guy (Korean to be specific) and a black lady who are in a relationship. It's really refreshing to see. John Cho's character is afraid he might die based on his vision though. It'd be raw as hell if he did.


  1. *Waves to a fello Flashforward fan*

    Love the show! And yeah its nice to see a diversity in relationships on TV, especially in American TV when they seem to have the same type of couples in every show.


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