Album arts: Iconiq - Light ahead

Album art: Iconiq | Light ahead [CD] Album art: Iconiq | Light ahead [CD + DVD]

Iconiq looks photoshopped to high hell on the CD edition cover. But she still looks hot. I'm not feeling how the buzz cut is being hidden under wigs and hats for this Light ahead shit though. I loved how Iconiq looked with the head shaved. It's what helped set her apart and give her look that striking factor.

Iconiq's mini album will be released September 15 and feature 4 new songs and 3 from her debut album Change myself. The tracklisting is as follows...

  1. Girl power
  2. Tokyo lady
  3. Change myself
  4. Light ahead
  5. I.D featuring Verbal of M-Flo
  6. Kiss & cry
  7. Bye now!

There's no confirmation if "Kiss & cry" is a cover of Hikaru Utada's song. But if it is, I might have to raise a hand to Iconiq's face and go Ike on a ho. Unless of course she manages to better Hikaru's version - but I doubt she could. Even if she did, I wouldn't admit it.

Between Change myself and the new songs on Light ahead, we now have an actual albums' worth of material from Iconiq. Seeing as Change myself only featured 8 full length songs. I'm pissed "New season" isn't featured as part of Light ahead's tracklist though. That song sounded like the kinda crack I go for.

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  1. I heard the previews of the songs at

    "Kiss & Cry" is not a cover.

  2. The pictures are really nice, i don't mind her wearing a hat occasionally but if she ever tries to grow that shit out imma send Britney to Japan to give her the once over lol


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