Ayumi Hamaski is a married woman!

Ayumi Hamasaki is now officially a married woman! She broke the news via Twitter that she was engaged. And then the next thing, she announced she was already married! D'ya know that hot guy in her kick ass music video for "Virgin road" - who also played her love interest in "Love song" and "Last angel"? That's her husband. We should have known Ayumi Hamasaki wouldn't marry a Japanese guy, and that she'd import herself some European piece to look good by her side.

With her husband being Austrian and her being Japanese with limited Engrish, that language barrier must be as gangsta as hell. But when the underwear drops, everybody be speaking the same language and knows what time it is.

Ayumi married Manuel so fast, that he called shotgun on the coach on the way to the chapel. They wed in some small joint in Las Vegas (classy) in the attendance of close friends (Ayumi's backup dancers) and staff (dudes from Avex hoping this dude doesn't f**k up their main source of income). Good on her! The picture of her in this post is probably my fave picture of her. Because she looks completely at ease and is showing something genuine instead of Photoshopped lips and eyelashes. Congrats! I hope Manuel enjoys that Ayu money lifestyle, and that home girl had Max Matsuura get a good ass lawyer to draft up one air tight pre-nup.


  1. Apparently Ayumi knows enough English as they mostly talk in that language (according to fan sources).

    I've heard they're not living together and I've seen a few fan posts saying that they can't see it lasting. I don't know the girl personally so I can't say obviously, but congrats to her and I hope she and him are happy for as long as possible. We all need a bit of bliss in our lives every now and then.

  2. I can't see it lasting either. Relationships where a female is earning so much more than her beau and is so powerful within her field never last, because the dynamic is so offset.

    But however long the relationship lasts; whether it's 4 months, 4 years or 4 decades - I hope they enjoy it until the end.

  3. OMG he is SOOOOOOOOO hot! *DIES*


    Ok i'm good... haha they seem really sweet together and i don't know if it'll last but i think somebody like Ayu who knows what she's doing with most things wouldn't just walk blindly into something like marriage.
    Also i think she's ok with English i saw an interview she did from a few years back with some US news people and she was pretty good.
    I'm just pissed she didn't have some HUGE wedding like i was expecting! not even a dress lol

    Hopefully this will resault in some good music and a HONEYMOON *looks at (sl)Avex* lol


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